British newspaper reveals secrets trick “Tony Blair” war on Iraq

British newspaper reveals secrets trick “Tony Blair” war on Iraq

Monday June 25, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – published newspaper “The Independent on Sunday” British Sunday, 24/6/2012 an article which dealt with the demands of the members of the British parliament, the appearance of former Prime Minister Tony Blair told a committee Chilcot of a new investigation into his actions to deceive members of the government, parliament and not letting the Attorney General to inform them on facts of the situation, contrary to rumor at the time Blair came in this report, prepared by two of its editors Jane Merrick and Matt Corley as follows:
Student members of the British Parliament of all affiliations last night an urgent invitation of the Commission “Chilcott” to investigate after the disclosure of new facts stating that Tony Blair muzzle the mouth of the Attorney General was not allowed to explain the legality of the war in Iraq.

According to what stated in the notes Alistair Campbell, director of communications and strategy in the government of Tony Blair the former, which was published recently, the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith wanted to “explain the facts” before the minister that there are barriers against the legitimacy of military action in 2003. Blair, however, it was feared that the legal opinion urges ministers Robin Cook and Clare Short, to hold on to their opposition.

At a time when there were suspicions that Blair and his close associates have made pressure on Lord Goldsmith to change his recommendation to the legal, this is the first time confirms that the then Prime Minister gave a curtain of secrecy and prevent the government from hearing the details of the case for war.

He called on MPs from different parties, Sir John Chilcott, who finished listening to the evidence and was now his report on the war on Iraq to reopen the investigation file in a special session to hear testimony and Campbell, Blair and Lord Goldsmith.

The Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has to offer and hand jerk legal Blair on March 7 (March 2003) in which he said he believed that there were “points of reasonable” support military action, but that “there is also a contrary view,” according to notes Campbell, the Lord Goldsmith warned Blair that he does not want the prime minister said “speaks positively” in favor of military action because there is a “different point of view.”

Wrote Campbell in his memoirs published, “It was clear that Blair did not want from Goldsmith to raise the debate in detail in the Council of Ministers, and Ministers were later want to investigate the case. In the light of the position of Cook and Short, realized that any move Sidfhma to say directly that advice states that the case is legitimate, and that the Attorney General raises doubts about the legal basis for war. ”

And last night said Clare Short, she did not amaze because Blair was “disingenuous” in the display case for participation in the war on Iraq, said Peter Kifoal, and was among the ministers of the Blair government.
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