Alliance “Sadr” insist not to continue, “Abdul-Mahdi” as prime minister ..!

Alliance “Sadr” insist not to continue, “Abdul-Mahdi” as prime minister ..!

Monday, June 10, 2019 at 13:39 PM

Alliance Sadr insist not to continue Abdul-Mahdi as prime ministerBaghdad / Sky Press

Sadr’s alliance insisted that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi should not continue to head the Iraqi government.

This was stated by Amjad al-Aqabi MP from the coalition in yesterday’s remarks, pointing out that the performance of the government of Abdul Mahdi weak and will not be able to continue in office.

Al-Aqabi said Abdul-Mahdi said he was failing to complete the government on the consensus of the political forces, but the real failure lies in the inability and weakness of the prime minister to take the appropriate decisions. This is reflected in not sending the names of the remaining candidates in his ministerial cabinet to the House of Representatives .

He stressed that the government of Abdul Mahdi is the weakest and did not provide a little to Iraqis at the level of all services and even the ration card, which led the coalition to prepare for steps on the survival of the Prime Minister in power with these failures and the weak government.