We will interrogate al-Maliki about the secret prisons and torture..we have adequate documentation

Mullah Haidar: We will interrogate al-Maliki about the secret prisons and torture them .. And we have adequate documentation
On: Sun 24/06/2012 12:24

Baghdad (news) .. A spokesman for the / Iraqi bloc / Haider Mulla, a file of secret prisons will present during the questioning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in parliament, confirming the existence of documents are sufficient to detect the files to the public.
Mulla said (of the Agency news) said on Sunday: There are a bunch of files you work on Legal Committee of three (Iraqi Kurdistan pectoris), from the most important file of secret prisons and missing, indicating that the tens and hundreds of those arrested did not know their place of detention by their relatives. said Mullah: The file secret prisons Cistjon by al-Maliki, enhanced documents “expose” many of the issues that enter the field of human rights, and continued: that the documents confirm the existence of cases of torture ugly against the detainees and interference in the judiciary to issue arrest warrants without right. He pointed out: that public opinion would look into the reality of prisons in Iraq and what happens to Matgayn which of torture workshops, financial and administrative corruption. It is hoped that this House of Representatives Astjon Prime Minister in an attempt to pull the constitutionality of a second-confidence in Maliki. / End / 33. n. r /
Source: ikhnews