Abadi’s coalition comments on the relationship of US pressure to abandon the government’s opposition project

Abadi’s coalition comments on the relationship of US pressure to abandon the government’s opposition project

2019/4/24 15:51

Abadis coalition comments on the relationship of US pressure to abandon the governments opposition projectBAGHDAD (Reuters) –
A coalition of “victory” led by Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday reiterated information that outsiders were exerting pressure on Abadi to discourage him from moving to change the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi because his coalition is not represented in the government and senior state positions.
The MP for the coalition, “victory” Alaa Dalvi, in a press statement N “victory coalition supportive of the government of Abdul Mahdi, despite its slow steps to achieve success, but we continue to follow the performance of the government as a regulator.

He stressed that “the success of the government is important to us because of its return to the benefit of the citizen in terms of services and this situation that makes us with the government and supporters of it.”

Commenting on the information on the American pressure on the coalition victory to end its role against the government of Abdul Mahdi, saying that “victory does not allow any interventions dictated by the outside, our Iraqi make us in front of the responsibility of the people will not control us external or internal,” stressing that “members Victory is free and they have their own decision and they have a mass base that rejects external interference. ”

And on the meeting with the recent Abbadi, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halbusi, said Aldalvi that “visits and meetings of political leaders and heads of blocs is normal and fall within the political movement needed by the blocs to bring closer views and understanding on the future state affairs, especially with the upcoming provincial elections.

He pointed out that “linking the meeting of Abadi and Halbusi with information confirms the orientation of the latter towards the formation of a new political party is normal to create alliances, especially that victory stands at one distance from all political blocs.”

“We have yet to notice any important action for the citizen, and the completion of the ministerial cabin is still stalled and we will have a position if the government fails to serve the citizen and we will be a strong opposition,” he said.

The news sources pointed out that the leader of the coalition of victory Haider Abadi came under US pressure to discourage him from moving to change the current government led by Adel Abdul Mahdi, indicating that these pressures prompted him to change his speech against the government to focus on the disadvantages to demand better policy.

The head of the coalition victory said, earlier that the process of forming the current Iraqi government was marred by many violations, and was through quotas.

Abadi said in an interview that “the formation of the current government came in a way worse than the quota, because the latter is based on the principle of eligibility of executive sites in light of the size of the election This was not done, which happened is a political party claims broad to abandon the quota, Sites between some political blocs. ”

He added that “what happened with us in the victory coalition that we authorized the current Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, our share of ministers, and rejected the abhorrent quotas, and we told him that you are free to choose who you want from the national competencies, but what happened is that the share of victory went to other blocs.

“It is not permissible to hide behind slogans, either to be a government of quotas, or to be a government of independent technocrats with national competencies, as we wanted, and this is not achieved, and what is happening is a political” bazaar “practiced by most of the forces and unfortunately take place under the table , And this culture will not build a state and will not establish a rule capable of exercising its responsibilities.