Turkey to buy 100 aircraft fighter F-35 aircraft from the United States

23/02/2012 17:53

f16Erbil, February 23 (Rn) – The media sources Turkey said on Thursday that Turkey plans to buy 100 fighter aircraft from the F – 35 of the United States, according to the site Khepri Turkish. A site Turkey today that “the Turkish Minister of Defense Ismet Yilmaz announced that Turkey plans to buy 100 fighter aircraft F – 35 during the next few years, to be delivered two of them by 2015. The total value of the deal, about $ 16 billion. ” The site that “the Turkish Minister of Defense said that the meetings which they conducted with the U.S. side in this matter and reached a specific stage, in order to the possibility of adding a program of war and the integration of weapons / ammunition in aircraft from F – 35 independently. ” The Web site said that “Yilmaz added that the United States designed in 2012 to production of two thousand and 443 military aircraft from F – 35 according to the announcement, which sent him to Turkey. “According to the site, the “Turkish Defense Minister said that Turkey had participated in a number of stages of combat aircraft from F – 35, where the payment of $ 315 million to this day for three stages of this project. ” It should be noted that the price of U.S. fighter jet F– 35 was $ 92.4 million in 2010, so this price will drop to $ 65 million by the year 2015. ” Open: Abdul Qadir Windawi