Trade issued a clarification on the agreement with Jordan and raise tariffs on goods

Trade issued a clarification on the agreement with Jordan and raise tariffs on goods

03-02-2019 16:31

Trade issued a clarification on the agreement with Jordan and raise tariffs on goodsThe Ministry of Commerce revealed on Sunday the benefits of the agreement signed between Iraq and Jordan to enhance trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, pointing out that the agreement does not include lifting customs tariffs on all goods entering Iraq.

“The agreement with Jordan will positively reflect on the prosperity and prosperity of the Jordanian and Iraqi peoples because of its economic and commercial importance to both countries,” the ministry said in a statement received by the news agency NNA. “The Jordanian government decided to exempt the imported Iraqi goods through the port of Aqaba from (75%) of the fees charged by Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, and therefore the amount paid by the Iraqi importer is 25% of the handling fees.

“The exemption of goods from the customs tariff does not include all goods and goods received in Iraq. The exempted list included goods that do not cause damage to the Iraqi industry and agriculture. The fees imposed on the goods manufactured in Iraq will also be maintained. 6 months based on studies provided by the competent authorities in Iraq on the need of the country for those goods or not.

“The Jordanian side agreed to give preference to Iraqi agricultural commodities to enter Jordan in the seasons where production of Jordan is limited to these commodities. This is an opportunity for the Iraqi farmers to increase production and export surplus to Jordan. This has economic benefits. , Rather than its total reliance on oil. ”

The ministry said that “the agreement includes the establishment of a free industrial zone between the two countries, in which case Iraq will benefit from obtaining customs exemptions for the goods and goods it produces and the benefits of the free trade agreements signed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with the countries of the world, thus facilitating the entry of goods into the world market, And the establishment of this region will contribute effectively to reduce the unemployment suffered by Iraq, and the agreement will help in the rapid entry of goods and goods between the two countries, which makes them maintain quality, rather than routine procedures that reduce the quality of waste As a result of the survival of trucks that transport for weeks in the customs outlets.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi met with his Jordanian counterpart Omar al-Razzaz on Saturday in the presence of ministers and officials from both sides in the border area between Karama and Trebil to announce a new phase of boosting cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said on Saturday that Iraq aspires to achieve economic integration and cooperation and exchange of interests with Jordan and all neighboring countries.