Karbouli: Iraqis have a date with the truth and will reveal the real corrupt

Karbouli: Iraqis have a date with the truth and will reveal the real corrupt

2019/01/30 19:00

Karbouli - Iraqis have a date with the truth and will reveal the real corruptBaghdad today

The party’s leader Jamal al-Karbouli said on Wednesday that “the real corrupt” will be revealed to the Iraqis, and will show “innocence” victims of political competition and media speculation.

Karbouli said in a tweet at his Twitter account: “Now the right guy … the Iraqis have a date with the truth … and the real corrupt who sought in their land will be exposed to destruction and destroyed their economy and social structure.”

He added: “And will show the innocence of victims of political competition and cheap media quotations.”

The Information Office of the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, published the text of his speech on the signing of the Diwani Order (No. 70) on the formation of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption and its composition and functions, in addition to a copy of the Diwani order of the Council and its functions.

The text reads:

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Allah says

(And corruption in the earth does not eat that God does not love spoilers)

We believe in implementing the aspirations of our dear people. Providing a decent living

Given the importance of the application of good governance, promote the development of the country

And implementation of the government program announced on 25/10/2018

Aware of the seriousness of corruption, and its devastating impact on the people and the country,

And in compliance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption

And to strengthen anti-corruption measures

Based on our constitutional responsibilities

We have resolved with the will of God and the determination of our steadfast people to fight corruption, to fight spoilers, and with a sincere and serious will to reform with an open mind and a believing heart.

Declare the following:

1. Accelerate the completion of the legal system to combat corruption and invite the Council of Representatives and the Council of State to take their roles and responsibilities in this regard, through completing the procedures for the issuance of laws.

2. Strict adherence to the disclosure of officials responsible for their property, and within a period not exceeding one week.

3. The commitment of the ministries and entities not associated with the Ministry to set up plans and work plans for 90 days, to prioritize the service projects and reconstruction. The monitoring bodies shall monitor, evaluate and evaluate the programs, policies and plans mentioned above.

4. Compliance of regulatory bodies (the Integrity Commission and the Federal Financial Control Bureau) to complete the requirements of their work, whether legal, institutional or operational, and evaluate their performance and re-review their policies and programs commensurate with the size of the challenges and responsibilities.

5. Accelerate the preparation of the national index of integrity (measuring corruption) and call on the Integrity Commission and the Federal Financial Control Bureau to complete the project during an appropriate period to measure the performance of the government and accountability and accountability of leaders and administrators of the indicators produced by the corruption in the ministry or formation.

6. To oblige the ministries to supervise and direct the field for their projects and determine the reality of those projects and overcome the obstacles to them and submit reports to the regulatory bodies.

7. Accelerate the re-establishment of a comprehensive national anti-corruption strategy involving the legislative, executive, judicial and civil society institutions, so that they are comprehensive, realistic, measurable, and are prepared by the Integrity Commission and the Federal Financial Control Bureau.

8. Activating procedures for the recovery of looted Iraqi property abroad, and providing the Integrity Commission with important files to communicate with the concerned countries for their recovery.

9. Activate (where you get this) and call the parliament to expedite legislation of the Law of Illegal Gain.

10. Inviting the supervisory bodies (the Integrity Commission and the Federal Financial Control Bureau) to work in a team spirit in monitoring, monitoring and evaluating government policies and programs, and providing solutions and proposals to ensure the optimal application of anti-corruption initiatives in ministries and state structures.

11. Strict adherence to the independence and work of the judiciary and the prohibition of any impact or interference in its work.

12. To call upon the supervisory bodies to review and evaluate the work of the offices of the public inspectors in light of Legislative Decree No. 57 of 2004, and to submit a study of the results for a period not exceeding one month.

The above represents a road map at the current level and we will announce our strategic plan through the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption.