Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-7-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-7-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions11-7-2018 Intel Guru Bruce [via PinkRoses] …yesterday we understood our President along with Steven Munchin, our Treasury Secretary, and Mike Pompeo, our Secretary of State that we had some interesting couple of phone calls in the morning with China, with President Xi and the Minister of Finance. They were very positive calls. As a result there was an encrypted letter sent all the way to the West coast, the Big R, and it was more or less, I believe, it was instruction of the timing to release everything.

11-7-2018 Intel Guru Bruce …We had back…this past Sunday…information that talked about dates. We had information that talked about the 7th and 8th, tomorrow [Wednesday] and Thursday. I feel like that is probably in the right realm where we should be. So I feel like we’re in the place where things could happen. …we know Iraq is done. We have a rate…that is solid on the front screens at the bank. It is solid and it reflects which is going to be seen if it is not seen already, on the CBI site… I think everything is coming together nicely…we are pretty much lined up and ready to start.

11-7-2018 Intel Guru Delta & Newshound Guru MilitiaMan
Previous Close 0.001
Open 0.001
Bid 0.001
Day’s Range 0.001 – 0.001
52 Week Range 0.0008 – 0.0009
Ask 0.001
Now that is interesting movement in value and if it holds then, a international calculation can get applied to it in short order…IMO.

11-6-2018 Newshound Guru Breitling Where do I get my information from? It comes from an authority…I’m getting my math, my information from the authority…from the people who say they’re going to revalue. The people who are in control of the country’s currency in Iraq. That’s it. If it doesn’t happen, it’s because of something they did. If it happens…it’s something they did. But I’m speculating on it because of something they said. And I believe they can do it. And I believe they’re going to do it. That’s it. My opinion is based on that information and that information only…my option is yeah, it’s worth speculating on. I believe that.

11-6-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “APPEARANCE OF MOHAMMED SALEH: IRAQ AND THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION” …this is a very long article and so let me try to sum it up for you: Mohammed Saleh, the deputy financial advisor to the GOI, is assessing the opportunity cost of joining the WTO. Does Iraq really care about joining? He concludes that YES Iraq does want to join. …The long path to WTO ascension is the ability to go along with the BIG guys and play their game since the markets are dominated by so few who control the entire international market; the long-term survival of Iraq depends on international trade, secure international investment and a commercial environment; one of the major obstacles is the INABILITY of a “strong payment program”. How they transfer funds (SWIFT system) and use of currency (currency reform).

11-6-2018 Newshound Guru David M. Witty Iraqi sources say PM Abdel-Mahdi will attempt to present 5 ministers to Parliament today & hopes to get vote of approval. Still no word on Defense Minister. Iraqi government asks Parliament not to return the 2019 national budget for revision.

11-6-2018 Newshound Guru Breitling …Everything has changed for you and me as far as Iraq goes. Everything. Because as of today Iran is officially broke…they need money and if Iraq is blocking them from getting U.S. dollars…out of the Iraq economy then you’re going to see pressures from Iran because Iran has Iraqi dinar. That countdown is official today. Don’t get your underwear all bunched up in a wad…It’s not going to revalue tomorrow…I shouldn’t say that because nobody knows if it’s going to revalue…

11-6-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 [via Clare] Highlights: Iraq Social Media Hot right now… Reassuring Citizens, still going to lift the 3 zeros. Iran has Dinars…it looks like Iran is forcing Iraq to revalue their currency, with it’s demand of payment for Electricity. 60% of Paris Club debt has been reduced…given reduction, for the RI of IQD! RI is fact occurring @ 1-1. Reduction will help with RV next year, the same way the ME Basket solidly formed will help the RV in 2019…it’s a precursor… they are telling Iraq, go ahead join the international community. Alak will be named Gov. of CBI…comes from powerful, influential family…but not popular…BUT…the best of the worst. A lot of comments on CBI social media…would be nice to have official announcement of Alak, its a precursor, then ART 2 [2nd Article]. Art 2 is Coming!!! They are educating the citizens…looks good for November.