Al-Abbadi’s office responds to the legality of the adoption of the budget of 2019

Al-Abbadi’s office responds to the legality of the adoption of the budget of 2019 and determines the end of the government’s mandate

2018/10/12 17:52

Al-Abbadis office responds to the legality of the adoption of the budget of 2019(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The office of Prime Minister outgoing Haider Abadi, on Friday, the statements of a former deputy on the legality of the current cabinet in the adoption of the draft financial budget for the year 2019.
The spokesman for the office Saad al-Hadithi said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} “in response to the statements made by the former deputy (Arafat Karam) of the statement on the lack of the Council of Ministers the authority to complete the draft federal budget for the year 2019 and included in this statement of legal and political fallacies and false accusations “We would like to make it clear that the current cabinet is not yet in office.”
He added that “the Council will continue to carry out its duties and carry out its constitutional duties until the vote of confidence in the new government in parliament, and the development of the draft budget is the duty of the government in accordance with the timing of the Financial Management and Public Debt, which should be submitted to the House of Representatives in the first half of the month of October The current government and bear the full responsibility and do not shorten according to the Constitution until the formation of the new government. ”
Al-Hadithi said that “the policy of this government is to work for all citizens according to the basis of citizenship and equality among Iraqis in the rights and duties and the equitable distribution of resources between them and do not differentiate them on the basis of sectarian or religious or national affiliation has proved this through what it achieved and through the general approach adopted by the administration The state”.
“The parties that caused the problems and crises to the Iraqis in general and to our citizens in the Kurdistan region, especially to review what they have done and correct their mistakes instead of continuing the same policy, which is based on the accusation and unjustly wedge the division between the spectrum of the Iraqi people one.”
The Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, announced last Tuesday the Council’s approval of the draft budget bill for the year 2019 and sent to Parliament for approval.