Leading parliamentary elections were the most honest and least rigged !!!

Leading parliamentary elections were the most honest and least rigged !!!

Sun, 15 Jul 2018 12:23:40

Leading parliamentary elections were the most honest and least riggedNihad al-Aboudi, the leader of the Fatah alliance, said Sunday that the latest parliamentary elections were “the least forgery and the most honest” of their predecessors. He pointed out that the media uproar was “political” and was caused by “4 or 5″ losers.

Al-Abboudi said that “the recent electoral process in Iraq was the least fraudulent, the most fair and transparent of its predecessors,” adding that “electronic counting and cutting the way for corrupt and counterfeiters to rig elections in large proportions, although a few cases here and there.”

Aboudi added that “the media hype that got, and is currently getting, was caused by some of the leaders who lost the elections and were able to create an incorrect public opinion that the election is rigged,” pointing out that “the steps taken by the judges assigned from the counting and partial sorting proved a match Including electronically published results and manual counting. ”

“We are with any steps to prove the integrity of the elections and to reassure the people and objectors to the results, and we are not against counting and partial or total counting, but our reservation was on the total count was because of the need for a long time and the country entered a dangerous legislative vacuum can not be delayed more,” stressing that ” Which passed the country after the elections was a purely political situation because of four or five personalities lost the elections. ”

On Tuesday (July 3, 2018), partial manual counting and counting were carried out after the decision of the Federal Court issued pursuant to the appeals submitted to the third amendment to the law of the elections of the House of Representatives voted on the sixth of last June.