Albawi: Abadi positions will delay the formation of the government

Albawi: Abadi positions will delay the formation of the government


Albawi - Abadi positions will delay the formation of the governmentBaghdad

Political analyst Hazem al-Bawi said on Friday that the positions of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the burning of ballot boxes and electoral frauds will hamper and delay the process of forming the next cabinet.

Al-Bawi said in a press statement that “any affected by the return of the process of counting and sorting will be the objector to the outcome that will come to it just as objections were from the party affected by the election results.” “Re-counting and sorting all polling stations is very difficult and complicated, but it is likely that the recount will take place in the contested centers,” he said.

He added that “the silence applied by the government and the parliament and the committees charged with the burning of the second Rusafa funds, which will certainly change the equation of the results and in a clear and large is surprising, as the link between the long silence and the sudden threat to Prime Minister Haider Abadi on Wednesday to the counterfeit and proven to tamper with the results.

“The escalation of Abadi’s tone has less serious implications,” he said. “It coincided with the talk of the UN representative in Baghdad, Jan Kubic, at the last UN meeting on Iraq, which confirmed that there was a lot of fraud in the elections.”

He pointed out that “all the obstacles mentioned will block the path of reaching everyone to a vision leading to the formation of the Cabinet Cabinet expected.”