Security and Defense Committee unveils “blueprint” to disrupt electronic polling stations!

Security and Defense Committee unveils “blueprint” to disrupt electronic polling stations!


Security and Defense Committee unveils blueprint to disrupt electronic polling stationsFollow-up / Sky Press

The parliamentary committee on security and defense revealed on Saturday the existence of a “plan” led by influential political parties to disrupt electronic polling stations ahead of the elections, calling on the Electoral Commission to abide by its responsibility to maintain the safety of the organs.

“We have received credible intelligence about the attempts of some powerful political parties to disrupt the electronic voting system,” said the chairman of the committee, Zaki al-Zamili, in a press release. “The main aim is to use manual counting to falsify the results.”

Al-Zamili pointed out that “these entities used to fraud during the last elections for the arrival of corrupt to the centers of political decision in the country,” pointing to “the existence of a certain plan to deliberately disrupt the electronic voting devices before the elections in a few hours.”

Zamili stressed “the need for the commitment of the Electoral Commission responsibility for maintaining the safety of polling stations,” calling on the security services to “tighten procedures and take the highest degree of care and caution to maintain electronic devices and ensure not tampering.”

He explained that “the one who took the approach of corruption does not want the electoral process to be carried out with integrity and transparency to achieve narrow partisan goals,” stressing the need to “cancel the results of stations that prove to disable the electronic devices in them.”

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkmen MP Jassem Mohammed al-Bayati revealed, on (5 April 2018), the existence of “influential and influential”, not named, in the liberated areas trying to convince the Electoral Commission to resort to manual counting, while warned the Commission to resort to it Option for the existence of “forging projects” behind it