Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-3-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-3-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions5-3-2018 Intel Guru Footforward Domino’s are falling. Iran thing is heating up…North Korea is being sorted out one way or another. Russia bombshells are coming. …things are falling into place. The RV is going to happen.

5-3-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni There’s also another…myth that recently is brought up once again, the talk of Iraq selling oil or oil credits to the United States at some ridiculously low price. That’s utter nonsense.

5-3-2018 Newshound Guru chattels Article quote: “The price of the market in the Stock Exchange in Baghdad 1200 dinars to the dollar, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars, and the price yesterday at 1197 dinars to the dollar.” Stock Exchange in Baghdad 1200 dinars to the dollar… There are different exchange rates being reported by different news agencies on the same day. The absence of any “official” rate(s) makes a determination by us as to complaince all the more suspect. We wait, watch, wonder and wish, eh?

5-2-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 …I think this is unlikely to be released today or tomorrow, but Friday and Saturday are both possible. It will come up on Forex first, and then the next morning at the banks.

5-2-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke WHY did we circle Sunday, April 29, 2018, on the calendar? Because it was THE BIG Turning Point. North & South Korea, formally agreed to END the Korean War, and bring the two countries together in Peace, after 65 years (1953) – making History…AND De-Nuclearize, and shut down nuclear plants…(Actually we were off by 2 days, because they announced it early, on the 27th.) We cannot tell you how BIG this is, in terms of Economic stability & adjustments…like World currency management. Everyone wants to focus solely on Iraq, but we’ve got BIG News for you…and we’ve ALWAYS SAID this…IT’S GLOBAL – UN, IMF, U.S.

5-2-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke (btw, OIL is skyrocketing @ $75+…Every hour that passes, is a cha-ching! moment for Iraq…by Design) …We have NO REASON to Believe, according to our Long Long List of Data poop, that this will go into June or later. (other than maybe gambling & playing the exchange rate game.) We have EVERY REASON to Believe, this happens in “MAY 2018”. However, we always say, “THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE. NONE.”

5-2-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke At the soonest, there’s a great shot at this from the 13th thru 15th, heading into Ramadan for 30 days, the perfect time (Downtime, Gratitude & Forgiveness) to “Manage the Insanity” that will incur AFTER the Rate Changes – Immediately AFTER THE ELECTION – Retail pricing changes, Paycheck adjustments, Bank runs for currency swaps, Contracts & Agreements, Taxes, Foreign Trade…all happening AFTER the election. NOT Before. It’s too BIG to Manage BEFORE the election…which is only 10 Days Away from Today…Plus, there is one other major thing, that must happen for AFTER the Election, that we cannot mention & explain just yet – until AFTER the election – that will determine the timing of this event. IN ANY EVENT…“MAY 2018”

5-2-2018 Newshound Guru sandyf “The Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank issued a statement that floating of the Iraqi dinar currency is very hard to implement as the monopoly of Iraqi government regarding the distribution of the U.S dollar and other foreign currencies in the country. The CBI Governor Ali Al-Alak said in a press interview that most oil producing and exporting countries rely on a fixed exchange rate or fixed according to flexibility. It doesn’t affect the mechanism of floating the currency and never happened in Iraq or other oil rich countries.” The statement from Alak is ambiguous and could be interpreted various ways. A floating exchange rate is not the preferred option of an emerging economy so I see it highly unlikely. Egypt was forced into it and lost half its value overnight, not a particularly good example.

5-2-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni There can never be a substantial RV or RI…to the Iraqi dinar it’s simply just not possible. There is too much currency in circulation. Everyone would love to see a substantial increase over night, it’s the fantasy, it’s the dream but that’s just not how things work and in this case it’s also not how monetary policy works. If there’s ever going to be an increase in the Iraqi dinar it’s going to have to be gradual overtime. And like I said if it’s ever going to continue to improve it will be done gradually. The good news is if investors come as expected and there is a substantial influx of capital, the exchange rate should also rise.

5-2-2018 Newshound Guru Breitling …What would be the optimal time for Iraq to revalue? This is just my opinion. I have not heard them talk about this and there are no articles attached to this…it very rare that I throw my opinion out. In my opinion they should revalue before the prices go down in energy…if they wait for the oil prices to go down too far then they can only make money off revaluing their currency…What’s the date? I don’t know. What’s that rate? They are going to have to have enough to compete in the world. In other words they have to have a price that people can go out and invest…for people to take the dinar seriously. So it’s not going to be at a tenth of a penny. It’s not going to be two cents. It’s not going to be ten cents. It’s going to be up there…the currency has to be able to compete with the Euro and the US dollar. And that’s how it works and that’s what’s coming down the road. It’s all based on energy and the projection of energy…