Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-2-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-2-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions5-2-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 PM Abadi was on Iraqi TV indicating an unprecedented move and historical event for the Iraqi economy. He stated that the auctions have declined and will continue to decline. The Supreme Federal Court has stated that the Article 140 is one of the important articles of the Constitution and must be implemented immediately! The Council of Ministers announced intentions to implement the programs followed by Rafidain Bank. Cleric Sadr is on Iraqi TV campaigning a second term for PM Abadi. (Will wonders never cease? LOL) Discussions are surfacing regarding citizen’s payments being adjusted to match those same types of payments in other countries.

5-2-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 [via sunny] Iraq has no need for chip technology unless they are going International. Visa and MasterCard International would have never signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) if Iraq was not out of Article 8. Around Nov, Dec of last year, MC and VISA came to Iraq bragging about bringing the cards into Iraq. Did you see them sign any Memo’s of Understanding? They did a few days ago. They cannot do that under a program rate. The monetary reform is creeping up on us every day. They have to have a tradable and International currency. It is that simple… MC and VISA could not sign anything like that if Iraq did not have an International currency.

5-2-2018 Intel Guru Bruce First of all I got word this morning [Tuesday] from couple of different sources that last night…that Iraq had effectively revalued. Of course, here is the thing. We knew they had a new in country rate for a while, their Qi cards had been active, and they had the new Visa Qi cards in addition to the Master Qi cards. The Visa Cards were tied in with the Rifadain Bank those cards are for the portion of the oil revenue sharing that the citizens receives every month on their new Visa card…Saturday was the first day they were really to receive any funds on that. …Their markets were closed today on May 1st. China and Iraq markets were closed. They were not trading. Their banks were closed. They revalued late last night into the overnight our time but nobody was there to hear it. In this case the reevaluation took place but we haven’t seen it yet. We were able to get confirmation from several other sources throughout the day that Yes it in fact did happen. Do they want us to know about this yet? Probably not.

5-2-2018 Intel Guru Bruce …We are waiting for a manifestation of their new rate. We have been looking for it to show on their new CBI site… More evidence on the bank screens…We know it has been traded on the back screens. It has been on then off for days with a blinking flashing rate. We know it has come back on with a trading range. They have been playing with it the last week or two. Now it should be solid, and hopefully we will find that out if not tonight, but tomorrow [Wednesday]. This is what we were looking for to happen. My understanding is our President Trump sort of initiated this for Iraq late last night. This gives Iraq their sovereignty. …Not only did they finally get permission to revalue to do that, their ATMs have the lower denominations and have value now, and that can move forward.

25-1-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 [via sunny] Coming out at 1:1 would be an insult! 78 Tons of gold! Saying they are pricing it into the dinar. CBI is controlling the exchange rate. …The things that are being said are phenomenal! Abadi is the golden child right now. He turned the country around when no one thought he could. He is shining in the International world right now. The process of the RI of the Iraqi dinar is a highly political decision. It needs the support of the citizens. If the citizens do not have faith in Abadi himself then why would they have faith in what he is supporting. . . right now what the CBI is doing is for the citizens. They are the #1 priority right now. Not the RI, because it is already done. They lifted the three zeros in the first quarter (not public yet.). The smaller notes (lower denominations) are not out yet. Abadi said, “We are keeping our promises from the Kuwait Conference.” The ball right now is a lot closer to the receiver in the end zone than you think.

5-1-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni …there is a news article that says the price is 1200 to $1 which is well within compliance. Yesterday’s reports from the auction had conflicting articles that varied from 1215 to $1 to 1205 to $1. Giving Iraq the benefit of the doubt, it appears that they are still in compliance and moving forward on the 90-day requirement. Remember the CBI stopped reporting officially the daily auctions last year so all we have is news articles as confirmation.

5-1-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 [via sunny] The governing branch of GOI approved the modernizing of the banking system. In January, Feb. March of this year they completed the project. The modernizing and reforming of the banking system was a requirement of the IMF. Now there are articles out telling the citizens of Iraq (about this – the main thrust and point of Financial Inclusion week) The financial inclusion ENDED TODAY [Monday]. Everything that needed to be done for the RI was done in 1st quarter of 2018. Now the thrust is to educate the citizens. To include = Inclusion. Contracts will now be done in ONLY the local currency. Iraq’s currency! The dollar was always used to bridge them into any contract, any agreement. The CBI is saying we have control of our exchange rate.

5-1-2018 Intel Guru Delta [via sunny] Looks like they are ready to pull the trigger…Believe CBI is taking advantage of election confusion…They got the final green light. They are about to do this.