Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-5-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-5-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions4-5-2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke …HERE’S WHERE WE’RE AT TODAY – WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT: “IN THE COMING DAYS” 60 DAYS from MARCH 14 (when they said it) — is MAY 14, 2018… When is IRAQ’s Elections? MAY 12, 2018…When is the North & South Korea meeting? (yes, very important) APRIL 27, 2018… When is President TRUMP meeting with North Korea? (yes, very important) MAY, 2018 – (No exact Time, Date or Location yet)… WHY haven’t ALL the people Iraq been paid YET? Because they needed to do it ALL, at the CURRENT, OLD RATE. WHEN will Iraq get Everyone in Iraq Paid? Not BEFORE the Elections have started, or just days Before (On Purpose!)…Abadi must be Re-elected…and they’re going to make sure this happens. To do this, they will hold the NEW RATE OUT, and NOT DELETE the 3 (000’s), as leverage with the people, until AFTER he’s elected, on MAY 12th…we Believe very Strongly, that the next EARLIEST PERIOD, for Iraq to Substantially, OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY, raise the Value of their Dinar is: SOMETIME in MAY, with a Strong Emphasis, on the LATER HALF OF MAY.

4-5-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Maliki is seeking a third term amid disapproval of the Iraqi street” Remember the elections are not choosing a PM. In fact the elections are not choosing anyone. Maliki on his second term stated it is not who wins or what block wins, but who can create the largest coalition of blocks after the election. So yes, Maliki does have a chance.

4-5-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 We have never been in this position before. Waiting for the re-instatement to be announced! When the 2nd article is released that is when everything will be activated. It will have the instructions for the citizens to go to specific banks to bring in the three zero notes. Have a change in their value which will be a whole lot better than what those three zero’s are. That’s why they are coming out with the 100 and 200, the following week they will come out with the 5’s, 10’s, the following week more and after that the fils. When they told you they closed the 2% that was the end of the MCP’s. They eliminated their multiple currency practice.

4-5-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 When you have an official rate in the market that’s when you have Article 8 qualified and accepted. It’s why we’re simply waiting. Nothing more. ALL in Iraq are ready to move forward. Overall the window to show the new rate in this month of April is getting much more tight. Tighter. More narrow. An economist predicted they would raise the rate by May. …The word “by” means before May. …He did not say in May. …It is now a day to day, hour to hour wait. Alak told the world, Quote: “WE…ARE..NOW…READY! ”

4-4-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni There continues to be people challenging the IMF rule about waiting 90 days to meet compliance. This 90 days is critical as described as a “financial soundness indicator.” In other words, the IMF wants the CBI to prove themselves they are ready for Article VIII. Quote: “The exchange rate may fluctuate within narrow margins of less than ±1 percent around a central rate, or the maximum and minimum values of the exchange rate may remain within a narrow margin of 2 percent for at least three months.”

4-4-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat The BIG question…today is – will we get out of April without an RV? Elections are coming up soon and we all know the chaos and instability they can cause. …I personally doubt that April will come with an RV and I base this not on my opinion but on everything we are now seeing, but there are some reservations too and anything can happen n Iraq. …we know the new smaller category notes have been delivered to the banks since Nov 2017…we know that ongoing training is taking place with bank employees on the new currency features…we know the ATMs are now online throughout Iraq and ready to disperse the new small category notes (4) recent articles about the project to delete the zeros in just a week and we have not heard anything prior for almost 6 months. CBI just announced in an article that they have accomplished their (3) major necessary goals including closing the exchange rate gap, carrying out financial inclusion (of all the provinces i.e. Kurdistan ) and settling salaries and completed the process of technical development within the banking system. There is nothing else to do in these areas.

4-4-2018 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Iraqi TV is broadcasting news in the coming days the “launching of the new monetary system” throughout Iraq. Then just suddenly they now are telling us they plan to hold it off until after the elections? Honestly I don’t get the sudden negative turnaround! Sometimes it is not so much the content of a published article coming out of from Iraq but the fact that they published the article in the first place and the timing involved when they published it. This is the case this week. …you will see the congruity of the news to today and how it all blends together nicely to give a full picture of the developments moving yet closer to the reinstatement day…NEVER before in all the years I have been tracking this RV sage have I seen such congruity and inter-connectiveness of the news…

4-4-2018 Intel Guru Bruce …Intel wise let’s just say that it appears that everything we ever wanted to know about Iraq and failed to ask is done. We did get confirmation this morning that Iraq’s budget was finally put in their printed version of their Gazette…We already had the rate in the Gazette I understand Sunday or Monday…I think we can call Iraq done. I do believe this is it, and that needed to happen…I think we are positioned very well for this to come through. I am hearing things for later on tonight and tomorrow [Wednesday]. I am not calling it. We get in trouble if we try to call it. We are not doing that, but I am hearing very good things… I believe we will receive this thing hopefully soon. I am encouraged by what I am hearing.

4-4-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “Is it time to delete three zeros from the currency?!” Quotes: “…the current environment suitable for this project because there is financial and political stability witnessed by the country,” “…the project would be implemented after the legislative elections scheduled for next May” …This is current news!! It appears both Saleh and Alak believe the current climate is right, however, one economist mentioned does not. We’ll soon see (as in – between now and a month or two after the elections – according to them).

4-4-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG I don’t see how anyone can read this and not be VERY excited?? Seriously?!? Because it alludes to some point in the near future instead of tomorrow or the next day? Sheesh!! …Only one economist is offering his opinion that the time may not be right. Everyone else (that actually matters) are ready to go.