Government Advisor to Trend Press: Continuation of Iraq’s financial consultations with the International Monetary Fund

Government Advisor to Trend Press: Continuation of Iraq’s financial consultations with the International Monetary Fund

12/03/2018 02:19

Government Advisor to Trend Press - Continuation of Iraqs financial consultations with the International Monetary FundDirection Press / Special

The adviser of the Prime Minister for Finance, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Monday, continuing consultations and negotiations with the International Monetary Fund on how to conduct the financial budget for Iraq for 2018.

Saleh said in a statement that “there are no differences between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund, but there is only an exchange of views,” noting that “there are ongoing consultations with the IMF on the financial budget in addition to the design of new features of the national economy,” noting That some economists have only concerns and analyzes, but informal. ”

The Prime Minister’s Office denied the International Monetary Fund’s rejection of Iraq’s financial budget for 2018, referring to the development of the budget in a way that does not contradict with the conditions of the Fund .

Economic expert Salam Samisem said that the International Monetary Fund has announced its rejection of the financial budget for 2018 to comply with the conditions signed between Baghdad and the Fund, which is obliged to implement a set of conditions, including the abolition of jobs and the addition of new financial burdens on the budget.

The adviser pointed out that “the Fund looks at the future outlook for the Iraqi economy in terms of the volume of spending and financial revenues achieved and find other alternatives in the event of errors within the general budget,” pointing out that the adoption of the budget is a national issue and the Fund has no relationship with it.

Saleh pointed out that the budget of 2018 is aimed at maximizing non-oil resources, pointing to the State’s tendency to encourage employment through the private sector, developing programs to lend young people with soft loans and enabling them to engage in the labor market .

The House of Representatives approved on the 4th of this month the final draft of the federal budget for 2018, worth 88.5 billion dollars, with expenditures estimated at 104.16 trillion dinars, and a total deficit of 12.51 trillion dinars .

The IMF revealed last November that good progress had been made in reaching an agreement on Iraq’s draft budget for 2018 in line with the IMF program . ”