Clinton warns of “danger” Washington holds talks with North Korea

Clinton warns of “danger” Washington holds talks with North Korea

11-03-2018 11:10 AM

Clinton warns of danger Washington holds talks with North KoreaBaghdad News –
The Hague – AFP

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned that the administration of President Donald Trump “does not acknowledge the seriousness” of holding talks with Pyongyang on nuclear disarmament, adding that Washington lacks the presence of diplomats with the necessary expertise to conduct the talks.

“If I want to discuss Kim Jong-un on his nuclear weapons, you need experienced diplomats,” Clinton quoted an interview published Saturday as saying.

The Trump contest in the 2016 elections, in an interview in Amsterdam and published in Dutch, said the diplomats should be “familiar with files and know the North Koreans and speak their language.”

But she noted that the State Department was “eroding” as the number of diplomats with experience in the North Korean file shrank after the resignation of many of their posts.

“You can not have diplomacy without diplomats,” she said. “The Trump government does not acknowledge the seriousness of that.”

Former US ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson made similar remarks earlier, warning that negotiations with North Korea “are not reality television programs.”

“This is a real opportunity … and what worries me is the lack of preparation and discipline on the part of the president. But I congratulate him for his bold initiative to accept this invitation. ”

But he warned: “We are not in the Aperantes (Trump) or in reality television. “We have to negotiate with a leader who can not predict what he will do and he has at least 20 nuclear weapons and threatens the United States.”