Al-Fatlawi: Kurdistan received 17% of the budget

Al-Fatlawi: Kurdistan received 17% of the budget

10/03/2018 10:39

Al-Fatlawi - Kurdistan received 17 percent of the budgetTrend Press / Continue

Revealed the head of the movement of the will of MP Hanan al-Fatlawi, for the Kurdistan region to receive 17% as a financial share of the financial budget. ”

Al-Fatlawi said on Saturday in a social networking sites followed by “Trend Press” on Saturday, because of the naivete of some of the deputies of the “National Alliance” voted to return “trillion” dinars to the Kurdistan region, stressing that this means to restore their proportion legally.

According to the fatwa, the deputies described the vote “God is the face of all those who voted for it,” she said.

The MP for the Mass Change, Massoud Haider, confirmed last Thursday, that the current government will not submit a new project to amend the Federal Budget Law 2018, indicating that “the Prime Minister acknowledged the existence of mistake and inadvertently in the budget on the allocation of 3 trillion dinars of emergency reserves for compensation of employees and Correct it “.

The House of Representatives voted this weekend on the overall law of the federal budget 2018, amid the district Representatives of Kurdish blocs and parties.