US newspaper: McGork “remnants” of Obama’s failed policy in Iraq, and responsible for the events of Kirkuk

US newspaper: McGork “remnants” of Obama’s failed policy in Iraq, and responsible for the events of Kirkuk

17-11-2017 03:04 PM

US newspaper - McGork remnants of Obamas failed policy in Iraq and responsible for the events of KirkukThe Euphrates –

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A US newspaper in the US-led coalition against Briton McGregor claimed responsibility for an attack on Iraqi territory by Iraqi forces and US-backed grass-roots militia on October 16, describing him as an architect of the US-led political defeat of Iran in Iraq.

According to a report in the Washington Times, the representative of US President in the International Coalition Brett McGurk is responsible for the events that took place in Kirkuk last month.

Iraqi forces and the Popular Army militia launched an attack on Kirkuk and Kurdish areas outside the Kurdistan Regional Administration or the so-called “disputed” between Erbil and Baghdad last month, and international reports recorded widespread violations against civilians committed by the armed crowd in those areas of killing, looting, looting and burning of property and forced displacement .

According to the analyst Rachel Avraham in his report published by the ‘Washington Times’, that Brett McGurk’ continues to implement the failed policies of Obama in Iraq.

The newspaper said the US silence about the Iranian attack on Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region was caused by Brett McGurk.

The paper, close to the Republican Party, that McGork of the ‘remnants’ of the administration of former President Barack Obama, stressing the need to remove him from office.

The newspaper said that President Trump claims that his presidency is better than the period of his predecessor Obama, but omits that the continuation of the likes of McGork is continuation of Obama’s failed policy in Iraq, President Trump has not yet realized that the time of one Iraq has gone.

“The forced maintenance of Iraq’s unity generates Iranian control over Iraq and the situation in general,” she said. Pointing out that ‘McGurk and his ilk in the US State Department are trying to keep Abadi as prime minister in the coming Iraqi elections at any price, so they use the paper of unity of Iraq to strengthen the influence of Abadi and maintain his office.’ Pointing out that the Israeli ambassador in America, the role of Gold stressed that the Kurds allies of the West so it is time to exclude the likes of McGork because the Kurds will not be able to counter Iranian influence without US support.

McGregor has been criticized in recent times by members of Congress, especially for his positions on Kurdish issues, where he promotes the unity of Iraq at the expense of the Kurds, considering him from the remnants of the Obama administration and obstructing the policies of President Trump’s administration towards Iran.