Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-16-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-16-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions11-16-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 No hot new intel to share, although there are things going on – news rather than intel. There was one article that seemed of interest. It referred to ‘the battle of liberation’ at Rawa in the next two days. The article said that on Friday Rawa will be liberated, ‘resolved within the next 48 hours’, through military action. That came out today, and on Monday Iraqi television spoke of full liberation of Rawas ‘in the coming hours’. There have been articles about the WTO possibly accepting Iraq as a full member on Friday; if so, that would indicate a release for the RV, but we don’t have any hard data on that, and we have had notifications like that before leading to a false conclusion. But everything still looks good for this week, leading into Thanksgiving. I feel very good about where we are and what’s about to take place.

11-16-2017 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article from 04/11/2016: “Keywords: The adoption of electronic payment tools creates competition between banks” Quote: “The central bank governor Ali al-Alaq said on Wednesday that the localization of salaries is a government project aimed at transforming from a purely monetary society to the adoption of electronic payment tools.” It is my opinion that what they are doing, is exactly what they told they were doing, and now it is about timing the implementation of the PROJECT!

11-16-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “OIL PRICES TOUCH $ 64 A BARREL” …this is wonderful news since we know that oil prices must be high to RV. Why is this important? 1) It will boost the USD reserves in the CBI. Being that the program rate of the dinar is pegged to the USD; 2) It will allow the west (and China) to use their oil credits once the exchanges take place and dinar is turned in to the US Treasury. This is also why they need these other 36 oil wells in Kurkirk region to meet the needed pumping capacity to satisfy both the 2018 budget economy of Iraq and the use of the oil credits over the next 20 years; 3) It will present yet more economic stability for Iraq, something we have been told they need to continue with the next phase of the project to delete the zeros.

11-15-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana The dinar is looking good. I’m VERY excited about the current prospects! We might be on the verge of RV right now, which many of you are keenly aware of. Today is a great day to hold Dinar, and that’s awesome for all of us (except you lopsters, you can all go find a pot to boil in.)

11-15-2017 Intel Gurus Frank26 and Delta …the big party is going to be on Thursday and that Iraq will announce it is liberated and…this will allow the CBI to raise the rate.

11-15-2017 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan …The key thing you have to take a look at is “what am I going to do if it comes out at this value or that value.” So when you put your strategies together realize how much dinar you have, how much you intend to have, how much you want to put into a Roth-which means you can’t have access to it for five years, but that when it comes to fruition is tax free. Here’s what I share with you just as a thought to play with…if you have 2 million dinar sitting in a Roth and it does come out at $1.17 that’s 2 million plus dollars tax free. If you can’t live on that something’s wrong. At the same time I tell you not to put all of the 2 million dinar you may have into the Roth because you can’t touch it for 5 years. And you may want to do something else. So never put all of them into one basket. But be aware you have to do several things you have to take a look at when you’re looking at the fluidity of your plan…your age, what you have already for retirement plan, what’s your diagnosis for if it comes out at 10 cents or it comes out at 50 cents or if it comes out at $1 how’s it going to work…
​[NOTE: The above should NOT be considered tax or investment advice. It is purely informational and the views of this guru. Speak to your own tax and investment professional at the appropriate time.]

11-15-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article XII of the WTO Agreement process states that accession to the WTO will be “on terms to be agreed” between the acceding government and the WTO. Accession to the WTO is essentially a process of negotiation — quite different from the process of accession to other international entities, like the IMF, which is largely an automatic process. …there is no formal requirement that any nation need an international currency to be a member of the WTO. Would having an international tradable currency help? Yes- and having one would only bring great wealth to the nation. So we now know that Iraq can RV without being ascending to a full member of the WTO. This does not mean they can’t still trade with neighboring middle eastern countries, they will have to do it with the USD since the currency is still sanctioned under Chapter VII from the war. …There is absolutely NO REQUIREMENT to have a tradable currency (or currency that can be used in trade).

11-15-2017 Intel Guru Bruce Right now we are in a situation where Iraq is looking to put out their actual rate for their dinar here if they haven’t done it already… I think we are looking to that possibly any moment. My understanding is their induction to the WTO, World Trade Organization, they need to have that international rate up and actively live beforehand. I don’t know how much before hand, I thought 3 days… …the control situation for Iraq has migrated over to the Central bank of Iraq, CBI, where they have the control on releasing that rate and showing that rate. That is a real positive step Iraq has done to do what they needed to do to be inducted into the WTO on Friday.

11-15-2017 Intel Guru Bruce The quote unquote the announcement from Iraq that has been made. The celebration is going to follow to celebrate they are sovereign, fully liberated from ISIS and back on the world stage as an international trading partner. That celebration…my understanding is that was to begin tomorrow [Wednesday]. I haven’t been able to confirm that tonight to know that for sure but that was my understanding yesterday. I am excited where we are to the process because every day I hear more and more what is coming together for us, and roughly how close we are and the fact we are right there.