Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-11-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-11-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions11-11-2017 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan [According to an email…showing the World Trade Organization (WTO) schedule for the upcoming week:] “Informal Working Party on the ACCESSION OF IRAQ to the WTO is scheduled for 10 a.m., Friday, Nov. 17, 2017″ Now how cool it that. WTO accession on 11/17/2017… Who said next year into 2018 today? lol WE all know the indicators Iraq has given us, have this on target for completion and this is a reality…

11-11-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “LEAKS OF SECRET MEETING OF SECURITY LEADERS .. PESHMERGA EITHER POLICE FORCES OR PART OF THE IRAQI ARMY” …this article is yet more evidence…that the GOI is breaking up the “Kurdistan Region” autonomy and moving them to a provincial kind of separate states, much like the rest of Iraq. They have to do this because they no longer want to continue with this threat of them becoming a separated state from Iraq, as the vote for independence (referendum) showed could happen.

11-11-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke We believe the 1st substantial, public Rate increase that Iraq will come out with, will be in the $1.40 range, within Iraq. Common sense would seem to indicate a $1.00 – 1 dinar equivalent… our hunch is around $1.40, give or take a few cents. WHY? Because the Price of OIL, is the baseline foundation to the wealth of Iraq, and now, according to PLAN, the OIL prices are going UP…this will continue… According to history, and the way things work, that $1.40 range rate, will be picked up by world markets instantly, and traded on exchanges. The exchange rates within every country will be different.

11-10-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke Over the years, there has been more than 1 Plan, to substantially increase the value of Iraq’s currency, as well as Vietnam’s currency. We only talk about the Dinar & the Dong, because these are the only 2 currencies, we have interest in. We believe that all other currencies for now, are simply “Not a good investment”, too speculative, not timed right, and fraught with too many disqualifying factors, for substantial increase, anytime soon, if EVER. We have NO strong evidence to the contrary. However, the Iraq Dinar and the Vietnam Dong is different. We believe that BOTH of these, are a VERY GOOD Gamble, and we don’t see that changing. All of you that say, “Nobody knows the timing”, would be Wrong. There ARE those that know EXACTLY when these 2 currencies will increase substantially. They know the Day and the Rates. Make No Mistake…

11-10-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke …but we will say, that over the past 22 months and 10 days that we’ve been here, that exact “Time”, has changed at the last minute…just 3 different times…and you see, the Dong is just riding along on the coat-tails of the Iraqi Dinar, meaning that at some point AFTER the Dinar moves, the Dong will move. What’s kept these 2 currencies from substantially increasing over the past, nearly 2 years? REGIONAL SAFETY & STABILITY…But ONE significant fact that you should know, is that OIL prices were dropped in 2014-15 so low, to intentionally bankrupt ISIS, for it was their #1 source of Income…and all MAJOR NATIONS agreed to it – to take the hit for as long as it took, to choke them off financially, thus allowing a collapse. Now, that’s why you see OIL coming back, and it will continue to raise…this is a BIG FACTOR…NOW, they see the opportunity to finally begin making that money back, which they lost over the past 3 years…in Many different ways.

11-10-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke …we knew that the hammer was coming down on Kurdistan & Barzani…and this was BIG BIG BIG! …WHY? It was EVERYTHING! Because…YOUR INVESTMENT IN IRAQ, IS AN INVESTMENT IN O – I – L. Without OIL, you have NO INVESTMENT, folks! NO MONEY! This is where your MONEY is coming from. ALL OF IT! PERIOD! Folks, KURDISTAN = OIL = BIG MONEY…It’s Iraq’s BIG JACKPOT…IRAQ is now Complete…so to Speak…we believe that Iraq and Vietnam, are further along, and closer to, substantially increasing the value of their currency, than ever before. So close, in fact, that we Believe and Expect Iraq, to Substantially increase the value of their Dinar, Publicly & Officially, sometime between November 17th and December 1, 2017. We particularly like the dates of Nov. 18, 19, 20, 21, 25th, 29th. We also believe and expect, that the most beneficial dates of Exchange, will be within the First 21 days of December.

11-10-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat We have heard many times from the IMF their recommendation that Iraq peg their new currency to a basket of 5 currencies, when they reinstate it to the global markets. They also told us they recommend at this time that the IQD can withstand an initial reinstatement rate of around 1 IQD to $1.15 USD. If I were you I would not expect much more that in the range of around $1.00+ for an initial rate.

11-10-2017 Newshound Guru mike Article: “Despite the crisis .. Kurdistan paid about $ 100 million for oil producers” The Kurd’s are on the ropes, Baghdad has stopped the dollar auctions and will freeze banking activity within the week, essentially cutting off Kurdish revenue and economic activity. With Iraq’s PMU and other militia’s controlling the borders it’s going to be tougher for the Kurd’s to get oil out of the region, I’m betting the pipeline to Ceyhan has been compromised and now the fleets of oil trucks will also be stopped. The last thing the Kurd’s need is for the oil companies to abandon them. By now, we all know that Baghdad’s GOI is riddled with corruption and directly influenced by Iran, this wasn’t the horse to pick in the race. The Iraqi constitution has become a tool for those in power to gain advantages and stall progress. Article 140 and other portions are completely ignored at the expense of the minority Kurd’s, Turkmen, Christians and Yazidi’s. Barzani overstepped, Hero Talabani sold out to Soleimani and the Kurd’s will pay the price for the failure of their leadership. IMO.

11-10-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO…There are NO…Issues with the HCL and the KURDS and The GOI and the Budget and A!!! Finally…A Retro Active Action by the GOI will allow any day of 2017 to be…THE MOOKLA. [In The Still Of The Night…] Indeed …It will arrive in this manner.

11-10-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “The Central Bank of Iraq, all banks not to sell the dollar to its branches in the Kurdistan region.” I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt this action has nothing to do with the RV. This action is all about Kurdistan and their corruption. They were pumping billions of dollars out of Iraq into private accounts by their political leaders. They were also selling dollars thru private venders, charging enormous spreads. This was causing the rate of the USD vs IQD to be high. This lowers the rate of the IQD. These auctions are the only way you can get US dollars in Iraq, legally and so an opportunity to re-sell them in the black market. This was one of the reasons for the downturn in the CBI reserves too and MCP problems. Once this was discovered they stopped them from participating in the currency auctions windows until this is resolved.

11-10-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “A simulation of the dinar exchange rate linked to a basket of currencies” It does not mean that a basket of currencies are going to be revalued at the same time…that’s not what they are talking about. It’s referring to International reintegration…bringing Iraq back into the fold.

11-10-2017 Intel Guru Bruce The exchange locations and Redemption Centers are.. including the banks are connected to all the banks around the world and the central banks around the world. Everyone is interconnected as of 1:15 pm this afternoon EST [Thursday]. All these banking institutions and banking centers are hooked up to the new Swift System… all set up through satellite, all hooked up and all ready to go. They have been staffed, on high alert, and ready to go. The Central Banks around the world are all interconnected also on a separate system called the RTGS or Real Time Global System, keeping them in communication with each other. That has been done the last couple of days… I have heard we are in a kind of another window now to be notified. There has been more things that have been accomplished the last couple of days even today that we didn’t know was needed. I think we are looking for everything to proceed here in the next few days. That is what I am hearing. …we hear rates have been traded up and continue to be traded up. We will be pleased with them.