Nujaifi asked in Washington to arm the Sunnis and send US troops and reinforce his electoral fortunes

Nujaifi asked in Washington to arm the Sunnis and send US troops and reinforce his electoral fortunes

2017/11/08 08:32

Nujaifi asked in Washington to arm the Sunnis and send US troops and reinforce his electoral fortunesBaghdad today – follow-up

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi has been on a three-day visit to Washington for three years, including arming Sunnis and demanding more US troops to Iraq and boosting his electoral fortunes, the newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported in a report.

Nujaifi, who is visiting Washington, expressed his hope that the administration of President Donald Trump would fulfill its commitments to combat the growing Iranian influence in the Middle East.

“Osama al-Nujaifi is one of three vice-presidents of Iraq, and his brother (Atil Nujaifi) heads an armed group trained by Turkey, called the Nineveh Guards,” said Nujaifi, (Former) president of President Trump. In February, President Trump dismissed Mr. Flynn from office and is currently under investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. ”

Osama Najafi met yesterday with a team from the US State Department and other officials to make more efforts to strengthen Sunni influence in Iraq and strengthen his electoral base ahead of next year’s legislative elections. “While President Trump has warned against Iran’s expansionist control of Iraq, US officials have not yet agreed to provide direct military aid to Sunni insurgents in Iraq.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, al-Nujaifi cited US military support for the Sunni Awakening forces against al-Qaeda in Iraq 10 years ago and said Iraqi Sunni forces still needed ground support from the United States, Organizing a preacher in the Iraqi territory.

In a speech to the American Institute of Peace on Tuesday, Nujaifi spoke of “paying more attention to strengthening the military capabilities” of societies freed from the control of a terrorist organization, such as the predominantly Sunni city of Mosul. “It may require more troops, American military. ”

“It is unlikely that there will be a significant increase in direct American aid to Sunni insurgent groups in Iraq, not to mention an increase in US forces there,” said Michael Knights, Middle East analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Received a collective surprise in Washington ».

“Two years of political pressure in Washington have not yielded much support to brother Atheel Nujaifi, the former governor of Nineveh, and after fleeing from Mosul, when he seized an organization calling on the city in 2014, Athel Nujaifi asked the Turkish government to provide training and other assistance to his forces , But US support is still very small, Gates said.

“In 2015, and again last year, Athil Nujaifi exerted pressure inside Congress and other US officials to approve a long list of weapons and other military assistance needed to equip 10,000 fighters. Last year, attorney Robert Kelly of Washington, who also served as General Counsel at General Flynn Consultancy in 2016. General Fellin’s intelligence group was chartered by a client of Turkish companies seeking to file a criminal case against the US-based Turkish preacher, Fathallah Go Which Ankara is demanding Washington hand over. ”

“Kelly managed to arrange meetings between Usama al-Nujaifi and officials from the Trump administration, and in October, Kelly recorded the intelligence intelligence group of Congress as a political pressure group on behalf of the Turkish government-owned company, But last March General Flynn was suddenly registered with the US Department of Justice as a foreign agent, while acknowledging that her work was likely to have provided assistance to the Turkish government. “This registration is currently being scrutinized as part of Muller’s investigations.