Barzani: the takeover of Kirkuk plan “Iranian” with the knowledge of Washington

Barzani: the takeover of Kirkuk plan “Iranian” with the knowledge of Washington .. This is what Baghdad planned before the referendum

Wednesday, November 08 2017 at 11:15 am

Barzani: the takeover of Kirkuk plan Iranian with the knowledge of WashingtonBaghdad / Sky Press

The former head of the Kurdistan region and head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani, said that the process of “seizure” of the province of Kirkuk was led by the Iranians and the knowledge of US and British officials, while stressing that Baghdad had a plan in mind even before the referendum.
“The referendum decision was not a personal decision, it was a collective decision by all the political parties in Kurdistan,” Barzani said in an interview with Newsweek magazine, “and the success of the referendum was that 93 percent of the Kurdish people [in Iraq] voted yes. It is true that there are some obstacles … after the referendum, but … this does not mean that the resolve of the Kurdish people has been lost. ”
As for the timing of the referendum, which many considered “wrong,” Barzani said, “We believe that the timing was good … because the Iraqi forces, which are currently implementing their policies to change the demographics and the situation in the areas that are currently, have this program and this plan in mind until And they used the referendum as a pretext to cover their plan and plot against the Kurdish people and we went to the referendum in order to avoid bloodshed in order to avoid battles and conflicts because those [Iraqi forces] who are fighting us now … want to impose a new situation in the region. To be a referendum in time Former and not later. ”
Barzani spoke about the role of Iran in Iraq, saying that “Iraqi decisions in the hands of Iran .. And the Kurds will not face the Iranians and do not compete with Iran,” explaining that “we hope that the fighting will stop and bloodshed. Conflict and conflict prevention with Iraq, and if the international community and the coalition really want to prevent another armed conflict, then they can, but if a fight breaks out, it means that it has given the green light. ”
As for the accusations of his opponents to hold the referendum for special political gains, Barzani said, “The parliament has taken a decision to hold the referendum in 2014 by the Election Commission The decision was not a personal decision, and was a collective decision of all political parties and all institutions in Kurdistan. Later, when we set the date, it was also a collective decision by all political parties in Kurdistan. ”
Asked if Kurdish independence was still possible, Barzani said, “What is happening in [Kurdish lands] is temporary only because no one can change the identity of these areas.” We will not recognize any forced demographic change. We have withdrawn from many areas to prevent any kind of conflict and bloodshed … We wanted to prevent any sort of military confrontation to pave the way for dialogue. ”
On the possibility of a military confrontation with Baghdad, Barzani said, “We are ready to go as far as possible to avoid fighting with the Iraqi army .. as long as they do not change the situation [independent] of Kurdistan,” he said.