Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-2-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-2-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions11-2-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Who’s going to pay the tab for the RV…not Iraq. It’s going to be the world. Who’s going to buy their currency at a much higher rate…not Iraq…everybody else. You can RV your currency at whatever number you want, but if there is no one to buy it, you don’t have an RV. Responding to the IMF, WB, and UN…they have to get their expenditures under control and…they are working on that now.

11-2-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Still no reinstatement or revaluation in-country or out of county. Still no global exchanges taking place. Sorry! I do not see any progress in this direction to at least EARLY 2018. We cannot predict when the RV will happen by we can sense very close and accurately as to when it cannot happen. We are in the funky window right now where we see some promising signs but we know there is still much work to be done by the CBI. …we know the target is the end of this month but we all know realistically it will probably be more like end of the year. So an announcement that this SECURITY problem is taken care of would be our first concrete sign and the RV clock RV will begin to tick at that time. But we are not yet there.

11-2-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Some banks are still not compliant with the implementation of the ability to receive electronic payrolls from the federal government. They still have to load and test out software tools to get this up and running. Then there are the connections between the global banks that also are still not secure and in some case not yet hooked up. Many global banks still have a reluctant attitude to even do business with Iraqi banks. So this too is still an obstacle. We know the CBI came out last week and told all the banks they wanted the SWIFT safe money transfer system implemented by the end of the year. Kurdistan region was also one of the culprits and resisted much of the effort to get electronic systems and delayed many of these banking reforms. As part of the leverage over this referendum stuff, the federal government now has over Kurdistan, they are moving forward now with this effort and will comply.

11-2-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat We know that the CBI must remove from the general public at least two thirds of the large 3 zero notes and get them out of circulation prior to launching the newer notes. We also know there are other reasons too as they do not want to see a massive amount of millionaires in Iraq as this could cause hyper-inflation too. We know also of a precaution that as the value increases, these older 3 zero notes could be exported to terrorist groups to fund their operations. So it is important to get as much of these large 3 zero notes out of circulation. Every note collected by the CBI is scanned and accounted for. They know exactly how much money is still in circulation.

11-2-2017 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “IBBC completes successful Trade Mission to Baghdad” Quote: “The delegation met with a number of ministers and high ranking officials to discuss future policies and opportunities for growth as well as focusing on business opportunities for IBBC member companies.” I don’t know about everyone else…but, if this article…doesn’t give you the feel goods, not much will. lol Just think about some of the names in the list of attendees… Kuwait Energy, Rolls Royce, Restrata, etc.. That is all about big money and security… The reconstruction of Iraq is going have then both!

11-2-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [I read…that Barzani is retiring, how will this effect our investment?] He said he would be stepping down as of…(1 November 2017), and the reason was basically disappointment in the failed referendum. This may end up weakening the Kurdish resistance to full cooperation with Baghdad, which might just be the leverage needed to pry open the HCL floodgates. Let’s hope for some good news in the coming days!

11-1-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 The purpose…today…was to inform you about Abadi’s announcement that they may be speeding up the timetable, plus we are looking for the end of this week to send us to the bank, or tell us when we might be going. Just because the RV is released, that doesn’t mean we have to run down to the banks that minute. We can wait to decide when to go to the banks. They may be giving us permission to go, but we make the decision when to go. If anything comes in, we will update you. …We are seeking confirmation on some intel right now…

11-1-2017 Newshound Guru chattels [I wonder if Article 140 will not be needed because it looks like Adadi is saying that whole area is under government control an the kurds will get 12 plus % of oil revenues, if that the case why have an article 140?] I would think because the land is still disputed by the Kurds and the Constitution mandates a process for resolution of the disputes. Unless Abadi is going to abandon the Constitution, but he avers/swears NOT! The Kurds say that all they have ever gotten from the budget was about 11-12%, despite argument to the contrary.

11-1-2017 Intel Guru Jester […what are your thoughts on this happening before the new year…?] THEY SAY IT WILL BUT I HAVE HEARD IT BEFORE…AND SO HAVE YOU…

11-1-2017 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “Rashid calls on military retirees to receive their salaries Wednesday” Quote: “The salaries of military retirees will be launched for November this year through manual exchange and smart card on Wednesday,” the bank’s press office said in a press release. “Civil retirees can receive their salaries through bank branches or smart card outlets.” They got paid… Nice…Now lets see if they tell us at what international rate if any, yet? I suspect if the 2017 budget gets released we’ll know…imo.

11-1-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana We still have a November 7 OPEC meeting coming up. There are pretty telling indicators floating around right now regarding the current OIL situation. What I see as important right now is oil at $60ppb, the recognition that Iraq ignored the Kurdish referendum, and the references to HCL related items… What I really want to see in the next week is simple: 1. Nothing significant at the OPEC meeting. Just a smile and nod type of event where they agree to extend the current plan and keep oil around $60. 2. The meeting will mostly ignore Iraq. I don’t care if they talk about Iraq, include Iraq, reference Iraq in any minor way…as long as they primarily ignore Iraq, and don’t make any specific requests for commitments from Iraq, I’ll be happy. 3. Anything HCL related.

11-1-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 [Seems like A is giving a variety of speeches and interviews.. with an ALL important 1 hidden amongst the rest he’s giving at this time?] IMO…These Speeches today from the Father of Iraq Abadi are the per-curses of a Mother of all Speeches to soon come to the Citizens of Iraq and the International World.

11-1-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 [Any Parliament laws this week?] Yes, the HCL, and possibly that independence law for the CBI – we’ll have to wait and see.