Text of the Federal Forces Agreement and Peshmerga

Text of the Federal Forces Agreement and Peshmerga

2017/11/2 15:41

Text of the Federal Forces Agreement and Peshmerga[Ayna-Baghdad]
The agency of all Iraq [Ayna] got a draft agreement between the federal forces and Kurdish Peshmerga forces after discussions held last days at the headquarters of operations Nineveh.
According to the text of the draft agreement: In
accordance with the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution as the nominal law in Iraq and shall be binding in its entirety without exception and the extension of the authority of the federal state and law in all governorates without exception met the listed below [representatives of the federal government – representatives of the territorial government] Nineveh on 29-10-2017 and agreed on the points to be mentioned later.
Representatives of the federal government:

1 – the first team, Othman Ali Farhoud al-Ganami – the chief of staff of the army [head of delegation].

2- Mowaffaq Abdulhadi Tawfiq, Undersecretary of the Minister of Interior for Police Affairs.

3 – Major General Manaf Abbas Ali – Counterterrorism Authority

4. Hamid Rashid Falih – Deputy Head of the National Security Service

5. – Major General Saad Mezher Alalak – Director of Military Intelligence

Representatives of the Government of the Territory:

1 – Karim Sinjari Minister of Interior of the Territory – Minister of Peshmerga Agency.

2 – Jafar Mustafa – Commander of the forces 70

– 3 Team Sherwan Abdul Rahman Ali – Member of the Peshmerga leadership

4 – Major Aziz Wissi – Commander of the Zirvani forces

5 – Major Zarrar Hama Saleh – Coordination and Joint Alliance Center / Erbil

6 – Brigadier General Broszk Katsab – Director General Intelligence Peshmerga

points Which have been agreed upon:

1 – the adoption of the administrative boundaries of the provinces administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government determined in accordance with Article / 53 of the law of the State, which is still in force by the limits set 19/3/2003 on the basis of Article 143 of the Iraqi Constitution with the retention of the local government and local police In a manner not inconsistent with the Constitution and federal laws.

2- The redeployment of Iraqi forces in all areas outside the administrative borders of the provinces of the region. The size of the presence of the Peshmerga in these areas shall be symbolic and vary from one region to another as determined by the Federal Administration. B] .

3. Securing the Fishkhabour area of ​​the border forces and the federal forces because there is no legal basis for the involvement of any forces other than the federal and local security forces except in case the Peshmerga forces are part of the armed forces. In such case, the directives and orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Of the Iraqi armed forces.

4 – Command and control by the federal forces (exclusively) in areas where the redeployment of federal forces.

5 – The leaders of the teams and the formation of units and units of the federal forces and the Peshmerga axes prepare a plan to explore the areas where the federal forces will be redeployed and a process of exchange of pieces.

6. The Agreement shall apply to the areas from which the territorial guards shall withdraw after the signing of this Agreement.

7. The minutes of the Agreement were signed on 10-2017.

Karim Sinjari

Minister of the Interior of the Region / Minister of Peshmerga Agency

First Team
Othman Ali Farhoud Ghanmi / Chief of Army Staff

responsibility segment of 15
villages north of Rabia to the river:
1 – Mahmoudiyah
– Saudi Arabia 3 – Safieh
4 – all oil fields
5 – Al
– Walid 6 – M Al-
Rabeeen 7- Ishaileh
8- Masque
9- Clair
10 All villages, towns and administrative units from the islands of Al-Jarjounia and Al-Baridiya to the river and up to Saheila bridge.
11. The border road from the river post to the Rabia border crossing.

Interruption of responsibility 16
– 1 Makhmour district towards the valley of Dibke.
2 – from the valley of Dibke towards the Kuwir Bridge and then the following areas [Al-Hasoudiya – Shanaf – Safiya – Tal Al Laban – and even the Khazar bridge]. And then from the Khazar Bridge to the current residence control on the outskirts of the city of Kolk.
3 – From the area of ​​Alkwair to the villages of Hubera – Tel Barour.
4 – Baasikp mountain inverted to the control of Berdresh [the city outside]
5 – Talkiv and its areas Batania – Tel Bishop – Qush.
6 – Sheikhs to Talul located north of the city.
7 – Duhok road – Mosul from the pharmaceutical factory to Mosul Dam towards Badriya – Dumiz – Fayeda [inside].

Referring to the memorandum submitted by the military team and the negotiator of the federal central government and after studying the proposal of the agreement between the parties, we believe that the agreement as follows: the

formula of the agreement in

accordance with the provisions contained in Articles 110, 114 and 115 of the Iraqi Constitution on the powers of the federal authorities and the authorities shared between them and the authority of the Territory provincial authorities and to restore the situation to normal in the region has been agreed between the parties in the light of the provisions of the Constitution and follows the

points I come were agreed upon:

1. Article 53 of the State administration Act and referred to adopt Article 140 of the Constitution, which reads [j The luxury of the Kurdistan Regional Government as the official government of the territory , which was administered by the government mentioned the incident in Dahuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Diyala and Nineveh province.

2. In accordance with article 140, dealing with the issue of disputed areas in the light of Article 58 of the Law of State Administration, to take measures to normalize the situation in order to achieve justice and the will of the inhabitants of those areas and to eliminate the effects of unfair actions of previous governments. Disputed areas pending the implementation of Article 140 of the implementation, ensuring its security and the safety of its inhabitants under the principles of the Constitution and its provisions.
3. Administering the port of Bishkhabur in the light of paragraph (1) of Article 114 of the Constitution regarding the joint customs administration. Security protection is given to a joint force of the Peshmerga, federal forces and the International Alliance. With the knowledge that the area of ​​Bishkhabur falls within the administration of the powers of the territory under the provision of Article 53 of the Law of State Administration stage to article 140 of the Constitution.
4 – Joint committees of the federal forces and the Peshmerga forces prepare a plan to explore areas where the deployment of the forces involved.