Newspaper: For these reasons, Barzani went to Russia and left his American ally

Newspaper: For these reasons, Barzani went to Russia and left his American ally

2017/10/14 10:45

Newspaper - For these reasons Barzani went to Russia and left his American allyBaghdad today – follow-up

Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported that the reason for the Kurdish President Massoud Barzani to go to Moscow asking them to intervene with Tehran to calm the crisis in Iraq is due to the realization that American influence eroded in the region for the benefit of the Russians. The newspaper said.

“Most likely, Baghdad and Erbil, and behind them Iran and America, will be able to contain the conflict that has escalated in the last few hours, with the advance of the government forces and the crowd towards positions in the disputed territories, in the outskirts of Kirkuk, attempts to calm,” the newspaper said in an article by Wael Essam. This may succeed at this stage, but in the future the situation is threatened to explode. ”

“It seems that Baghdad and in coordination with Tehran will not push more towards the Kurdistan region, but will limit the movement and harassment of its forces, in the medium term in the disputed areas, which is controlled by the Kurds outside the borders of their territory in recent years, The other Peshmerga, which has a special constitutional status in post-2003 Iraq, may be the focus of a dispute, not only directly related to it, but also related to Iran’s strategic vision of restricting the project The fledgling state of Arbil, in addition to being Ethnically tense region Rkk the presence of Turkmen, Kurds and Arabs, and economically highlight its importance as the largest of the oil wealth of the Kurdistan Center, but may not affect survival beyond the borders of the control of Baghdad, the Iraqi government on the rich oil. ”

However, the pressure on Kirkuk, according to the Iranian vision, is far-reaching, and it will not affect the economic situation of the Kurdistan government, whose economy relies mainly on its oil wealth. , To narrow Erbil and choke it to curb the project of separation, a concern that worries Tehran as much as Ankara, and each of the reasons, Turkey is afraid of its internal situation, as we said, support the aspirations of the Kurds inside Turkey.

“As for Iran, it is true that it also fears the inciting of the Iranian Kurds, but so far they have not posed a major threat to the regime and a violent armed revolution, as in Turkey for half a century, without radical solutions. Is less urgent than the internal, and is related to the weakening of its hegemony in Iraq and Syria, the existence of a non-loyal entity led by Barzani, a non-member of the Tehran alliance in the region. He added that “the movements of government forces and the Shiite crowd is the first step to tighten the Kurdish project, and it will be difficult for the Americans to control the interactions of the crisis, as happened today, that Iran continued in its efforts to meet the ambitions of Barzani, and perhaps this reason prompted the latter to go to Moscow asking them Intervention with Tehran to calm the crisis, as it is reported, is aware that US influence eroded in the region in favor of the Russians.

“However, the Iraqi government and its successor Iran do not want to lose the US ally in Iraq, which has supported it in all its decisive battles against the Da’id organization and before it the factions of the armed insurgency, so the balance is now about a difficult equation that Tehran is looking for, Where Abadi has a good relationship with the Americans, while at the same time able to confront their allies in Kurdistan. ”