Expert warns of the collapse of the economy of Kurdistan

Expert warns of the collapse of the economy of Kurdistan


Expert warns of the collapse of the economy of KurdistanThe economic expert Bassil al-Obeidi predicted on Tuesday the economic collapse of the Kurdistan region in the event of continuing the project of separation after the closure of the land border between Turkey and Iran and Baghdad, pointing out that these repercussions will drag the region to disintegration and turn Sulaymaniyah province to a province away from Erbil.

Obeidi said that “the economic repercussions are dire for the Kurdistan region in the case of his insistence on continuing the project of separation, which will lead to increasing international isolation.”

He added that “the tourism sector in the region ended completely after the closure of airspace and the cancellation of domestic tourism trips from Baghdad while the end of the oil deal with Iran at a time when Turkey is considering the closure of the oil pipeline, which is the economic basis, which means that the Kurdish economy can not survive for a few hours” .

He added that “the failure of the central government to send hard currency to the region in the coming days will lead to the collapse of the dinar in the region, increasing the possibility of popular revolutions against the rule of Massoud Barzani, who adopted the draft separation.”

Al-Obeidi said that “these repercussions will be dire and is expected to announce Sulaymaniyah and other areas to end the partnership with Erbil to get rid of the pretexts of the crisis, which means the division of the territory of two separate parts.”