Barzani: The time has come to demand the postponement of the referendum will not take my people

Barzani: The time has come to demand the postponement of the referendum will not take my people [expanded]

2017/9/22 18:08

Barzani - The time has come to demand the postponement of the referendum will not take my people[Ayna-Baghdad]
The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said that the claims and calls to postpone the referendum on independence “is over.”
“The time has come to call for the postponement of the referendum, and I am not the one who is failing his people,” Barzani said in a speech to crowds at the Franco-Hariri stadium in Erbil on Saturday evening.
“I asked a lot about the reasons for attempts to prevent the referendum and no answer to this only the desire to break the will and dignity of the people of Kurdistan, and that the referendum decision is in the hands of the people.”
He called Barzani, the people of Kurdistan to go to the polls on Monday next, to participate in the referendum of independence of Kurdistan , “adding , ” We are at the crossroads of either slavery or independence and freedom. ”
” After 2003 , we thought that there was an opportunity for a new Iraq after all the injustice suffered by The people of Kurdistan, but unfortunately we soon found out that the majority of politicians in Baghdad are following the practices of the former regime and we reached years ago to the conviction that it is not possible to stay with Baghdad.
He went on to say that “the decision of the referendum was taken before June 7, but they thought it was only a pressure sheet or a way out of internal crises and agreed to split Kurdistan, but the referendum came out of being a decision of one party or one,” noting that “Baghdad threatened to announce after Referendum without trying to correct its wrong policies. ”
He stressed that “dialogue with Baghdad can begin after the referendum, not before, accusing the successive Iraqi governments since the fall of the former regime to turn the Iraqi state into a doctrinal state instead of a civilian state,” he said.
Barzani said that “we did not declare the referendum to demarcate the border or to impose the status quo, but to say the people that I am,” stressing that “will go to Baghdad for dialogue after the referendum.”
He stressed that “the partnership with Baghdad no longer exist; because the Baghdad government is not committed to the Constitution, adding that some of those who rule in Baghdad,” have the same mentality that committed the crime of Anfal. “And
Barzani that the provincial government went to Baghdad before the referendum on dialogue on the subject, But Baghdad did not take it seriously. ”
He called on the neighboring countries to sit at the dialogue table to discuss what raises their fears of secession of the Kurdistan region, rather than using the method of threat, “stressing that” the Peshmerga forces will fight against any attack on Kurdistan. ”
In response to a statement of the UN Security Council said Barzani,” We are ready And seriously to cooperate with our Iraqi neighbors and the international coalition in the war on a hasty, and we will be tougher. ”