Barzani puts a “condition” in return for postponing the referendum

Barzani puts a “condition” in return for postponing the referendum


Barzani puts a condition in return for postponing the referendumKurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani on Thursday refused to live under what he called a “sectarian religious state”, while setting a condition for postponing the referendum on the independence of the province to be held on the twenty-fifth of this September.

“My goal is to achieve independence for my people, and when that happens, my mission is over,” Barzani said in an interview with Saudi-based Al Arabiya television. “Those who ask us to postpone the answer are: Give us the alternative.”

“We have made a lot of efforts not to reach this decision,” Barzani said. “We agreed to form a democratic, federal, democratic state, and now we are living under a sectarian religious state.”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Wednesday that the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan without reaching the results of deliberate “deceit for people,” warning of entering Iraq in a “dark tunnel,” while stressing that most Kirkuk oil is issued informally and does not benefit from the province .

The National Alliance, on Thursday, the arrival of Kurdish delegation negotiator to Baghdad before sending his delegation to Erbil, attributing the reason for the “rapid developments” in the referendum file, and statements made by the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani recently.