Peshmerga: Washington will not abandon the Kurds like Baghdad

Peshmerga: Washington will not abandon the Kurds like Baghdad

2017/08/31 10:02

Peshmerga - Washington will not abandon the Kurds like BaghdadBaghdad today – Kurdistan

The spokesman for the Ministry of Peshmerga Brigadier General Halkurd Hikmat, on Thursday, that America will not give up the Kurds and Peshmerga forces.

“The Kurds and the Peshmerga are the best ally of the United States in the region,” he said. “America will not abandon them under any circumstances.”

Hikmat said that “the organization is calling when he went to Erbil, the Iraqi government did not defend them, and did not even have a plan to defend them.”

He pointed out that “a number of great powers have cooperated with the region to repel the urge to enter Arbil.”

The magazine “Foreign Police” has revealed 22 million dollars, which Washington will send to the region, next September, within the assistance agreed between the parties, a memorandum of understanding, which includes weapons and equipment.

It is noteworthy that a number of officials, “high-level,” they said, mid-August this, that Washington is moving towards the suspension of financial and military assistance to the Peshmerga, against the background of the referendum on the secession of the Territory, while pointing out that “the US administration will hand over the last financial aid to the forces Peshmerga during the current August. ”