Barzani accepts conditional postponement of the referendum and supports the establishment of a territory for the year

Barzani accepts conditional postponement of the referendum and supports the establishment of a territory for the year [expanded]

2017/8/30 12:49

Barzani accepts conditional postponement of the referendum and supports the establishment of a territory for the year[Ayna – Baghdad]
The President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, conditional admission to postpone the referendum on independence of the region scheduled for September 25 next.
“The referendum is a crucial decision, the decision of the people, and the decision of most of the political forces in Kurdistan that the referendum should be held on September 25, unless there is a better alternative,” Barzani said in an interview published in the Saudi daily Asharq Al-Awsat on Wednesday.
“There is a higher council for the referendum, which is the political leadership in Kurdistan, which is decided by consensus, not by one person, but if there is, as we hear from many parties, that The timing is not appropriate and is postponed for six months or a year. Is it ready to sign a document that on 25 September 2018, for example, the results of the referendum will be recognized and the results accepted, and these results were in the interest of independence?
And on the side that wants this alternative said: “First of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi parliament and then the American guarantee and the international coalition and the European Union and the United Nations, without which means that the referendum on time.”
On the assumption of refusal of the Kurds to the referendum during the vote Barzani said that “will be subject to the opinion of the people and will remain on any responsibility, I have done my duty to my people, and if the people decided to reject independence, respect the will of my people and devote myself to my private life.”
“If the people say no, I do not think that I have any room left to work,” he said. “The vote will be very high, but the odds are all the same.”
“I am sure Abadi wants to solve these problems, he is different from others, but there are many obstacles and obstacles in front of him,” Barzani said.
“My relationship with him [Abadi] is good and there is constant contact between us, but I have reached the conviction that Abadi can not carry out what he promises us, for reasons beyond his control.”
“We are ready to negotiate with Baghdad even after the referendum on the issue of borders, including Kirkuk, but Kirkuk is a Kurdish city, its identity is a Kurdish identity, and we are ready to make it a model for national, religious and sectarian coexistence,” he said.
“But any force that thinks of reclaiming Kirkuk by force will be confronted by all the people of Kurdistan who are prepared to die to the last person to defend it.”
“Kirkuk is not just a Kurdish city, it is for the Kurds, the Arabs, the Turkomans and the Christians, and they must understand and agree with each other, even for all Kurdistan, we do not want to have a central state but a system that is like a federal system inside Kurdistan. The local government and the local parliament and the capital will be in Erbil, as well as sovereign issues such as the army, foreign policy and fiscal policy, but in other matters, these provinces are running themselves, and we should not think of a centralized ruling authoritarian, on the contrary we must be completely open.
Barzani acknowledged Israel’s support for the Kurdish international, but ruled out that it would be a model for the fledgling state of South Sudan and the outbreak of conflicts and fighting between the Kurds themselves, citing the autonomy that the Kurds got after 1991 and 2003.
He revealed his advice to the Sunnis in Iraq by establishing their own province, We are with the Iraqi unity, and the fact that the Sunnis are the ones who paid the price, and we look today to the destruction Vklh in Sunni areas, Fdaash destroyed their homes and towns, and the result of the wrong policy. ”
He added , ” We are ready to help them if the year decided to establish a territory in Iraq , we Snaadhm ” , referring to That “year Now they want a territory, but now the Shiites do not accept, I have met with many Sunni Arabs whose areas are located within the Kurdistan region, and all of them support staying with the Kurdistan region. ”