Newspaper: A meeting between Maliki and Barzani ends a break of years

Newspaper: A meeting between Maliki and Barzani ends a break of years

2017/08/19 16:20

Newspaper - A meeting between Maliki and Barzani ends a break of yearsBaghdad today

The Iraqi political sources revealed, according to the newspaper “the new Arab”, on Saturday, a meeting expected brings together the Iraqi Vice President, the “coalition of state law,” Nuri al-Maliki, the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, after four years of estrangement between the two sides.

Did not rule out leaders in Maliki’s coalition to hold such a meeting, explaining that the coming days will be pregnant with surprises, according to the newspaper.

A source in the “National Alliance” ruling that “the Islamic Supreme Council,” which has a good relationship with the parties is being held for several days, and intensive mediation to hold a meeting of the near-Maliki, Barzani, noting during his speech to the “New Arab” that these mediations resulted in a meeting The “coalition of state law” Kurdish delegation, who visited Baghdad, last week, to negotiate the referendum on the separation scheduled to be held on the twenty-fifth of September.

The source added that “Maliki told the Kurdish delegation, that no red lines to any Kurdish figure even if Massoud Barzani,” pointing to the task of Kurdish political figures to convince the President of the Kurdistan region need to hold the meeting, which will have an important role in contributing to resolve outstanding problems between Baghdad And Erbil, since the previous two Maliki governments (2006-2014).

To that, the leader of the “coalition of state law,” Mohammed al-Ugaili, that the coming days will be “pregnant with surprises,” asserting that his coalition has no grudge against the Kurds and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

He added that “if an invitation to the owners of the Kurdistan region, he will not reject it,” explaining in a televised interview that there are no objections to any personality, because the policy is a moving sand, he said.

He added that “Maliki can meet Barzani,” and called on the mediators to play a good role in bringing the views between the parties, stressing that “the Islamic Supreme Council” has good relations with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil, while the “coalition of state law,” good relations with Kurdish “Change” movement.

Relations between the federal government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil have been strained because of previous government policies deemed exclusionary by the Kurds, who led a movement to withdraw confidence from the government of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in 2012. Massoud Barzani, to describe Maliki’s dictator.

The last gathering of al-Maliki Balbarzani was in 2013 in Baghdad, and then described futilely for failing to bring the views of the two sides closer.