AIDS is sweeping Baghdad .. Health Karkh “warns” of the rapid spread of the disease!

AIDS is sweeping Baghdad .. Health Karkh “warns” of the rapid spread of the disease!


AIDS is sweeping BaghdadBaghdad / Sky Press:

The Directorate of Health Karkh, on Tuesday, monitored 15 cases of AIDS, while warning against agreeing to the rapid spread in the country.

In a statement received by Sky Press, Karkh health director Jasab al-Hajami said the Karkh Health Directorate had recently identified 15 cases, a figure that is more than the number recorded in previous years.

“This is only a fraction of the actual number, because some people are carriers of the virus, but the symptoms have not yet appeared, while others may have symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed.”

“HIV carriers are considered focal points for spreading the disease through their families, or through some medical practices, barbers, tattoos, camels, etc.”

“The main reason for the spread of this serious disease is the openness to other countries and the large number of young people who are unaware of the travel for the purpose of tourism and practices that take place away from religion and customs and ethics, as well as the spread of tattoo bars, amusement parks and mosques in a remarkable manner These are all factors that spread the disease quickly. ”

He said that “the disease started to decline in the countries that emerged, while we find it is increasing rapidly in Iraq after it was very rare,” stressing that “if not taken urgent measures and correct to reduce it, we will reach a stage where it is difficult to control And spread among innocent people. ”

Al-Hajjami called on clerics, civil society organizations and concerned government institutions to “intervene quickly to develop appropriate solutions and control the disease before it is too late.”