America: Hajim al-Hassani, the next prime minister

America: Hajim al-Hassani, the next prime minister

Wednesday 16 August 2017 at 14:38 pm

America - Hajim al-Hassani the next prime minister  Baghdad / Sky Press:

Reveals leaks from inside the US Embassy in Iraq that the candidate supported by the US Department of Defense to take over the post of prime minister after Haider Abadi is Hajim al-Husseini

“Hajim al-Hassani is the one who signed the nomination by the leaders of the US Department of Defense and they will try to convince the White House and the Pentagon, in addition to the Congress, to support this candidacy and appoint him as prime minister to replace Abadi, who will end,” said one official who has close ties to the embassy. His tenure next year, which is known as the share of the Shiite National Alliance. ”

Al-Husseini received many posts after 2003, including an industry minister and speaker of the Islamist party, one of his active members, as well as a candidate for defense minister in earlier times.

It is known that Hajim al-Husseini was loyal to America, especially that he spent his entire life and completed his master’s and doctorate studies there, and it is not forgotten that America used the expatriate Iraqis as knives in the Iraqi government to be exposed and can not work without reference.