Barzani: We will not ask permission of Baghdad or Washington to hold the referendum and his opponents will commit suicide politically

Barzani in an interview with Al-Ahram: We will not ask permission of Baghdad or Washington to hold the referendum and his opponents will commit suicide politically

2017/08/10 11:38

Barzani - We will not ask permission of Baghdad or Washington to hold the referendum and his opponents will commit suicide politicallyBaghdad: Follow-up

The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said on Thursday that he understands the remarks of some countries on the date of holding a referendum in the region, while pointing out that the referendum does not need to be authorized by any party, criticized his opponents and said “will commit political suicide.” As he says.

“Since the establishment of the state in the 1920s, all successive Iraqi governments have failed to realize the principle of true partnership between the two main nationalities,” Barzani said in an interview with the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram. “They dealt with us as adversaries and enemies. They used all kinds of wars, As happened in the Halabja chemical and as happened in the Anfal, the bad reputation, which claimed the lives of more than 180 thousand citizens of Kurdistan, in addition to the destruction of 4500 Kurdish villages out of the total of five thousand villages.

He added that after 2003, we hoped for good and went to Baghdad to establish together the state of citizenship and real partnership, compensate the affected people, and participated in the drafting of a permanent constitution for the country, but in fourteen years since that date did not prove the commanders in Baghdad that they are better than their predecessors In dealing with our cause, and practiced the same old policy in an attempt to marginalization, exclusion and even destruction, as happened in cutting the share of the Kurdistan region of the general budget of the country, and stop the payment of salaries of employees since 2014 to the present day in an attempt to practice another type of genocide of the population and the spread of chaos and stop development and prosperity at Territory “.

“We told them in Baghdad that this policy pushed the street in the Kurdistan region to pressure the administration here to change the relationship with Baghdad, and work for independence in order to prevent the development of problems and potential conflicts, and move from a failed partnership to a successful neighbor.”

“We are exercising our right to live in a democratic, civilized and civilized way, and I do not think that today the world is going to stand in the opposite direction if it respects its commitments to human and peoples rights. We have not fought anyone and our region since 1991. It has proved its worth in positive and distinct relations with its Turkish and Iranian neighbors. And the Syrians and the Iraqis, and what was issued by everyone did not explain to us by rejecting the results of the referendum or even rejected the idea, they made remarks about the lack of timeliness.

“The statements published in the media are contradictory, but in general they are not against the principle of the rights of the people of Kurdistan, but as you know, a member of the United Nations, and the principles of this organization and its obligations to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the rest of the members, therefore we see most statements come from this point, Principle, and therefore we understand the positions of these countries when they make their observations on the date of the referendum. ”

“The referendum depends mainly on the source of legislation, which is the people. It does not require the permission of any party. It is a very normal democratic practice. In developed and democratic countries, referenda are conducted on all matters. They realize that the last and legal decision is the opinion and decision of the people.”