Poll: 61% of the Kurds reject the independence of Kurdistan

Poll: 61% of the Kurds reject the independence of Kurdistan


Poll - 61 percent of the Kurds reject the independence of KurdistanA poll conducted by the Kurdish media revealed Tuesday that 61% of the Kurds refused to vote on the independence of Kurdistan and its secession from Iraq in the first poll about two months before the referendum was organized.

“The vote was made on the social networking site Facebook by Kurdish media and the question was whether or not you would vote for the independence of the Kurdistan region,” the English-language website Ay Kurd Daily said in a report.

He added that “119 thousand people participated in the vote during the period of the referendum, which lasted for a month from 10 June to 10 July, the result that 61.74 percent voted no, while 38.26 percent voted yes,” noting that “the result was 56.855 thousand people voted for the word No, and 35,232 people voted yes. ”

The website said that “many Kurds have criticized the survival of Massoud Barzani in power despite the end of his mandate since 20 August 2015 and his insistence on staying and adherence to power, despite the illegality of his presence and the closure of parliament and the use of the referendum on independence in order to stay in power.”