A deputy for Nineveh respond to al-Maliki: Your failure is to drop Mosul and cause the killing of its children

A deputy for Nineveh respond to al-Maliki: Your failure is to drop Mosul and cause the killing of its children

2017/07/21 19:23

A deputy for Nineveh respond to al-Maliki - Your failure is to drop Mosul and cause the killing of its childrenBaghdad today

Reporter of the province of Nineveh, on Friday, a statement to Vice President Nuri al-Maliki that the people of Mosul are those who dropped the city, however, stressing that the failure of al-Maliki is the one who dropped Mosul and caused the killing of its children.

“We have heard a statement by Deputy Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the people of Mosul have dropped the city of Mosul in the hands of an organization calling for a conspiracy between the remnants of the Baath party and the provincial government and the president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani,” said MP Farah al-Sarraj in a statement.

She added that “we express our rejection of this false and unfair statement of the fact that Mr. Maliki occasionally tries to repudiate it and put it on others, being directly responsible for the fall of Mosul and other cities as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, which has the control and leadership at the time,” asserting that ” The direct responsibility for everything that happened to the sons of Mosul from the scourge and destruction at the hands of gangs and calls the terrorist. ”

Al-Sarraj said that “the people of the city of Mosul, when they invaded the terrorist gangs of their city, were disarmed by all kinds of weapons and even light weapons.” They were the victims of a government shortcoming that resulted in handing over the entire city to criminal gangs that killed tens of thousands of their finest sons and destroyed their infrastructure Full and displaced hundreds of thousands of them. ”

“The sectarian soul, which we hear clearly in Maliki’s statements, makes him a fanatic of the oath he has made and became a protector of the constitution and vice president,” the MP said. “We wonder if the numbers were 5,000. Why did not the general commander of the former armed forces liberate Mosul And made us lose the people of Mosul 27 thousand civilians under the rule of urging the terrorist. ”

Al-Serraj said that “our heroic armed forces of all kinds and formations who have lost their finest heroes and bleed their pure blood on the land of the Prophet Yunus Yunus are aware of the victory reached by the ends of the earth and praised by all the countries of the region,” indicating that “the communities of Nineveh with all its components will rebuild the city again Without the need to topple the regime of a neighboring country because it is not our shamna to intervene in the fate of neighboring countries every country knows the situation. ”