Parliament ends discussion of the budget in 2017 without modification

Parliament ends discussion of the budget in 2017 without modification and determines the questioning of ministers {expanded}

2017/7/18 15:24

Parliament ends discussion of the budget in 2017 without modification{Baghdad} Euphrates News in the House of Representatives ended its regular meeting held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 222 deputies, a report and discussion of the draft revised federal budget for fiscal year 2017 law.
At the outset of the meeting, Park Jubouri the Iraqi people in general and fighters heroes all Snovhm and the people of Nineveh , especially the victories achieved against Daesh terrorist , saying that victory is our Bzmtna for efforts to strengthen the roles of the regulatory and legislative, noting that the security and defense committee will organize effectively to honor the martyrs of the press and in the presence of military leaders.
President al – Jubouri , announced the existence of a proposed site law of 70 deputies to commemorate the martyrs of the war against Daesh and accelerate the completion of Amaamlatadthm care Bjrahahm to be considered in accordance with the legislative contexts used, noting that the presidency of the Council considered that allocated the first month of the beginning of the legislative term for the purpose of completing the basic and important legislation, especially law elections and the electoral Commission. ”
He Jubouri that the House of Representatives 7 requests for interrogation met 6 of which the formal and legal procedures , while questioning request the seventh is still under consideration, announcing the identification on 3 August next date for questioning the Minister of trade agency {Salman Gemayel J} submitted by the high Nassif MP that are the rest of the interrogations consecutively in every week within the schedule.
Decided by the Presidency to postpone the vote on the proposed provincial elections law to a meeting on Thursday in order to mature the bill and settle views differing on problematic to hold elections Kirkuk being a need to maintain compatibility between the components.
the presidency referred the decision on the representation of a formula Yezidi component in the election commission to a committee of experts to choose the members of the High Commission for independent elections for consideration and submission of the formula to be presented to the Council.
The Council postponed the vote on the candidates of the Federal Public Service Board and the candidates of the Board of Commissioners of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to next Thursday.
The Board completed the first reading of the draft switch provinces of Qadisiyah name and nationalization to the provinces of Diwaniya, Kirkuk and submitted by the committees of the regions and governorates that are not organized in a region, legal, which aims to rename Qadisiyah province to its former name of Diwaniyah association on people of the province and in line with the nomenclature adopted by the Iraqi Constitution Act.
The Council also finished reading the report and discussion of the draft revised federal budget for fiscal year 2017 submitted by the Finance Committee.
In the interventions of the House of Representatives, she saw MP Najiba Najib that the financial budget of the positive aspects, including peasants, retirees and contractors dues, noting that the budget include the lack of coverage in the investment and operational budgets, especially concerning the Kurdistan region.
He called Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu to the allocation of amounts ranging between 60-70 billion dinars to compensate the victims as a result of unfortunate events two years ago in the district of Tuz Khormatu.
The MP Furat al – Tamimi stressed the importance of taking into account the issue of the payment of the farmers with the need to run graduates in state institutions.
In turn , MP Ammar Tohme the need to increase non – oil revenues through the activation of control Asthsalha and prevent corrupt ones benefit.
The MP Abbas al – Bayati said that the supplementary budget to be discussed is a correction for the measures taken in the budget that were approved during the current year in the absence of availability of funds.
He noted MP Ahmed Hama Rasheed that Iraq ‘s foreign debt stood at $ 112 billion, warning of the risk of the House of Representatives to vote on the revised budget in the absence of details of the House of Representatives for cash and in- kind loans contained therein.
For his part, MP Jawad al that the budget needs to be clarified by being modified or complementary , as well as it relied on differences in oil prices under the guaranteed rates of export but hid data on funds to 700 million barrels , which is needed to be clarified.
He said MP Mohammad Naji that the budget deal with emergency issues and to avoid the shortfall in the needs of state institutions calling for the Finance Committee to work to make transfers to address the imbalance salaries of employees of the popular crowd and their counterparts in the equated armed forces.
For its part , MP Hanan al showed that the budget without reform because of an increase in the fiscal deficit with an increase in expenses, reflecting the confusion in the financial file , emphasizing the importance of providing financial allocations for those who has broken their contract of employees of the defense and interior , despite the House vote on a resolution in this regard.
MP Abdul Karim Abtan the need to provide financial allocations for the disbursement of end of service benefits for retired officers.
He called MP Mohammad Taqi Mawla to provide financial allocations to pay hundreds of police officers affected salaries.
In response to the interventions competent Committee stressed that the IMF has a reform project in which aspects related to staff and financial benefits to farmers and contractors ‘ salaries, pointing out that the response to the demands of the House of Representatives will lead to the expansion of the budget, stressing that the Finance Committee apologizes for adding any amount of money outside of the constitutional powers with the possibility of adding some provisions that allow for increased non – oil resources noting that the Finance Committee fully informed monthly financial volume of imports resulting from the sale of oil.
The Presidency has decided to postpone the vote on the draft commercial agency and submitted by the Committee on Economy and Investment Regulatory Act and complete the vote on the draft reform of inmates and depositors and submitted by the working committees of social and legal choosy, security, defense and human rights law.
The Presidency has postponed the discussion of the subject of loyalty to the martyrs of Nineveh at the request of the Attorney Haider Alfoada to next Thursday , as well as the postponement of a general topic to discuss the water crisis in Iraq to a meeting on Saturday to attend could not be concerned ministers and their association with a session of the Cabinet.
In another matter , the President of the House of Representatives stressed that executives are obliged to answer the question of oral submitted by the House of Representatives where it will be timelines for the presence of the ministers concerned in this regard the development.
The House of Representatives lifted its session today to Thursday Almqubl.anthy