Abadi postpones victory after long hours of anticipation and shipping media

Abadi postpones victory after long hours of anticipation and shipping media

2017/7/10 0:49

Abadi postpones victory after long hours of anticipation and shipping media[Oan- Baghdad]
resolved Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the decision to declare victory and liberation city of Mosul , where he arrived Sunday afternoon.

After long hours of anticipation and shipping media, in the follow – up to the Information Office of the Prime Minister to visit Abadi to Mosul since his arrival and step -by- step tributary various media, data written, images and videos of his tour and meetings of leaders security and meetings with citizens gave impetus to a moral and a hint of a clear near the official announcement of the victory and the liberation of the city fully Daesh.
It showed a map published by the Joint Special Operations Command in its recent statement on Sunday afternoon survival of two areas only revolve where the clashes, Kleiaat and Shahwan the old city and Mahavetan of the Tigris River in the right side, and the last two dens Daesh in Mosul, but Abadi , the people of Mosul took part in the joy of victories on Daesh.

After the announcement was delayed editing statement conflicting reports to delay, but the prime minister to resolve the matter of victory despite the lack of chapels and reference it explicitly.
Ebadi said in another statement by his press office issued Sunday evening, during his meeting with senior commanders and military officers: we came [to Mosul] for we learn in the field and we oversee the battle only pocket was left or pockets for the remnants of Daesh so the battle settled the great victory by hand. ”
He justified the prime minister delayed the final decisive battle “to liberate civilians as human shields Ttakzhm Daesh in about fifty to a hundred house” in Mosul , the old , “adding that” security forces are fighting valiantly to liberate them. ”
Abadi also stressed that “victory is settled and there are the remains of Daesh trapped in recent Acbar and it is a matter of time to announce the victory.”
Despite the urgent step and confusion that got lost and the sweetness of the joy of the Iraqi state and watching her world, but it is inevitable.

The popular victory check, and celebrated masses in various provinces and went public squares and streets to express their joy in victory, although not officially announced yet.