Kurdistan calls for Baghdad to respect the will of the Kurds in Independence

Kurdistan calls for Baghdad to respect the will of the Kurds in Independence

Sunday June 18, 2017 at 17:48 pm

Kurdistan calls for Baghdad to respect the will of the Kurds in IndependenceBAGHDAD / Sky Press:

Cross the head of the Department of Foreign Relations in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Falah Mustafa, expressed disappointment Kurds in partnership with the Baghdad government, claiming that this is the one who pays for their secession and the declaration of independence.

Mustafa said the agency “Novosti” Russian: “We want a real partnership, but Baghdad refused and refuses to do so … Throughout the 14 years since the liberation of Iraq from the former regime, we came to the conclusion that we can not become real partners” !.

According to the official of the Kurdistan, the Kurdish representation in the structures of power in Iraq is still not enough, the Shiite government in Baghdad, “pushed” with their year to the back rows. According to him, because of the policies of Baghdad and the Kurdistan region faced financial difficulties in the past three years.

“We want to find an alternative, and this alternative is to hold a referendum on the independence of the Kurdish region, to start negotiations (with Baghdad) and stop these non-productive relations.”

According to Mustafa, the Arbil (the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan) is ready to practice the policy of “good neighborliness” with Baghdad after independence it.

He stressed that the region “presented the idea of ​​a referendum on independence, as a way to solve its problems, and to spare Iraq and the Kurdistan tragedies and woes.”

Mustafa said in another interview with the Russian agency Sputnik: “We suffered a lot in the past, and we need to find a solution now, port out of the crisis and to find a lasting and peaceful solution of independence.”

He called Mustafa federal government in Baghdad to “respect the will of the people in the region, and to engage in serious negotiations to find a peaceful solution to this issue,” he continued: “We have tried very much to be part of a federal Iraq federal, pluralistic, but unfortunately, we can not build this Iraq, because Our partners in Baghdad, are not ready to share power and wealth. ” Mustafa explained that “the referendum on the independence of the province solution in itself, not a problem, we reached out continuously to enter into negotiations on this subject.” He stressed that “on September 25 / September next, the date of the referendum on independence for the region, it will be a national day for the people of Kurdistan,” pointing out that “the decision of the referendum taken by the leadership of the Kurdistan region, with the political parties in the region, and all the forces represented in parliament, and is represented also , which became a feeling of inequality, and not to be treated as a partner. ”

Mustafa claimed that “the people of Kurdistan is the only one who can suspend or cancel the referendum, and we are committed to what we want,” noting that “we want to show through this referendum, that the people of Kurdistan decided to exercise their right to self-determination.” He stressed that the region has yet to begin talks to conclude any deals or buy weapons, with any of the international companies, while stressing that the doors of the region is open to oil and gas companies, from around the world

Mustafa said, “We hope all free peoples to support the independence of the Kurdistan region, but at the same time we understand and appreciate the principles of international relations between these countries, and they can not disclose the full support before the declaration of independence.”