Representatives vote on the confiscation of funds of staff of the former regime and the law ends read five laws

The House of Representatives vote on the confiscation of funds of staff of the former regime and the law ends read five laws

2017/4/15 16:51

Representatives vote on the confiscation of funds of staff of the former regime and the law ends read five laws[Where – Baghdad]
House of Representatives voted at its twenty – sixth regular , which was held under the chairmanship of Salim al – Jubouri , President of the Council and in the presence of 205 deputies on Saturday 15/4/2017 on two bills that ended the first and second readings of the five laws
According to a statement of the Department of Media Council of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today , “at the outset of the meeting, the President of the Council on behalf of the House of Representatives Althnoh to the Christians of Iraq and the world to mark the Feast of the Resurrection solutions, congratulating him at the same time the Iraqi people on the occasion of Iraq taking the post of deputy secretary – general the United Nations.
the Council voted according to the statement “the formation of a parliamentary investigative committee to follow up on the subject of yellowness port at the request submitted by a number of ladies and gentlemen deputies.
Then followed an MP Vath Zergany a statement to mark the anniversary of the formation of Reform Front parliamentary indicated it that the goals of the front turned to Ray political general and social programs and the majority of parliamentary blocs and a road map out of the sectarian quota system, calling for public opinion to support the goals of the front in the reform.
Decided the Presidency to postpone the vote on the draft ratification of the Convention on the avoidance of double taxation law and the exchange of information with respect to taxes on income and capital between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran and the Protocol thereto submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, integrity, financial , higher education, scientific research and services and ages to a session on Monday next.
The Council voted on the bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 223 of the 1980 Act and submitted legal and financial committees for the purpose of authorizing official state departments validity of the approximation of the amounts in exchange documents and arrest issued by in line with the currency in circulation is currently the general Treasury.
The Council proceeded to vote on the proposal of the Union of Iraqi parliamentarians and submitted by the committees of civil and legal institutions of society and the affairs of members and parliamentary development law [3 articles out of 17 articles], in order to invest competencies and human capacities of the members of the Governing Council and members of the legislature and contribute to building legal formations in line with the foundations of democracy and respect for the constitution and parliamentary development role for those who work in the March parliamentary advice and participation in the upgrading of state institutions and in line with the spirit of the Constitution and the text.
The Council postponed voting on the draft provincial councils and districts and submitted by the legal committees and the regions and governorates not organized in a region election law.
The Council did vote on the draft confiscation of movable and immovable property belonging to the staff of the former regime , the law, which came after a bitter era of injustice and tyranny and violations against the Iraqi people and the confiscation of their rights and freedoms and trespassing on his property and the looting of its wealth and its wealth in the path of democratic transformation witnessed by the country, and in order to achieve justice Transitional Btcheraath correct laws and determine the persons covered by those laws and to remove ambiguities in some paragraphs and articles of such legislation and to develop the appropriate mechanism that fit and procedures for seizure and confiscation.
President al – Jubouri , and he thanked the competent committee for its efforts in fueling the bill and submit it to a vote.
This was followed by MP Abbas al – Bayati , the name of the Foreign Relations Committee issued a statement blessed the appointment of His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Ali Hakim for the post of Deputy Secretary – General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Economic Commission for West Asia , the Commission, noting that the appointment represents a new return to Iraq to regain its role in the international community, Introduction salute diplomatic efforts to achieve this feat.
The Board completed the first reading of the draft law of irrigation and submitted by the Committee on Agriculture, Water and marshes in order to preserve water resources and prevent damage and overtaking on water quotas and to impose appropriate fines on the violator according to the value of the Iraqi dinar at the moment.
The Council ended the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the Conservation migratory birds African / Eurasian and submitted by the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Health and Environment relations water for the purpose of migratory waterfowl protection by maintaining the physical specifications and hydrological which allow the birds to continue their annual migration and to encourage their reproduction and reduce the decrease in its preparation and prevention of the destruction of their habitats and to join the Convention.
Council ‘s first reading and completed a draft law on ratification of the Headquarters Agreement Act between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the International Committee of the Red Cross and submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations because of the desire of the Republic of Iraq to grant the International Committee of the Red Cross role to carry out humanitarian tasks in the provision of protection and assistance in order to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of the Iraqi people and without discrimination.
The Board completed the first reading of the draft Ministry of Communications Law and Information Technology and submitted by the Committee of Culture and Information, services and reconstruction for the purpose of the development of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and define its functions and the establishment and development of infrastructure for the sectors of telecommunications and information technology and postal services and savings and Internet services of all kinds and the development of telecommunications service and keep pace with technological development and policy implementation the general state in these sectors and the exploitation of human and material capacities to increase and improve services and raise the level of performance and organization of work in the sectors of telecommunications and Tknlo Jia information and determine the organizational structure of the Ministry.
The Board completed reading a report and discussion of the proposed Third Amendment of the Supreme Commission of Human Rights and submitted by the Commission on Human Rights.
In the interventions of Ladies and Gentlemen , the House of Representatives MP Mohammed Naji pointed to the importance of the presence of the representative of the United Nations general supervisor of the Human Rights Commission , without the right to vote.
The MP Abbas al – Bayati , to the importance of filling the vacuum in the Human Rights Commission with the importance of absorbing components especially Yezidis without upsetting the balance.
He noted MP Ammar Tohme that allow non – Iraqi membership in the Commission is to Aahoudy accepted by many Iraqis.
The MP noted Vian intruder to submitting a request to the Commission on Human Rights to grant Yezidis seats in the Human Rights Commission for the crimes they have suffered at the hands of the terrorist organization Daesh.
In response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed , taking into account the Ladies and Gentlemen of Representatives proposals with the absence of any objection to the granting of Yezidis seats in the Human Rights Commission under the amendments to the draft law , which will be put to vote soon.
On the other hand display MP Mohammad Tamim , the suffering of the displaced Hawija city stranded more than two weeks at the crossing Khalid who escaped from the control of the organization Daesh terrorist, adding that the local authorities in Kirkuk prevent their entry into the camps for displaced people , which led to the death of a number of children and the elderly, calling to the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the facts and inquire from the authorities in the province for reasons to prevent the entry of Kirkuk , in addition to restricting the movement of displaced people and prevent them from leaving the displacement camps.
In the interventions of the MPs through MP Abbas al – Bayati expressed understanding of the security imperatives calling for sending a parliamentary committee to find solutions to ensure that they enter.
The MP Ribawar Taha that information on preventing the entry of displaced people from Hawija false pointing to the presence of seven camps in Kirkuk , enough for about 6000 families while coming from Hawija , more than 30 thousand families with 110 000 displaced families and about 90% of the displaced people living within the city, noting that measures to prevent entry is currently linked with information about the intention of the terrorist organization to launch an attack on Kirkuk, adding that local authorities had displaced relief until they enter the city.
In turn , President al – Jubouri , the face of preparing a formula for the formation of a parliamentary committee take it upon themselves to provide solutions on the problem of displaced Hawija.
Then decide to adjourn the meeting to next Monday 17/4/2017