Abadi: «Daesh» is collapsing and our troops have achieved «miracle»

Abadi: «Daesh» is collapsing and our troops have achieved «miracle»

2/22/2017 0:00

Abadi - Daesh is collapsing and our troops have achieved miracleCabinet directs regardless salaries of employees in the liberated areas of
Baghdad / Alaa al – Taie
Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said that the organization «Daesh» terrorist collapsing and our troops advancing strongly and accomplish their tasks in the liberation of Ayman Mosul battles at breakneck speed, stressing that the world leaders Menbhron trophies of our armed forces, describing victories b « miracle »and renewed Abadi confirmed that no combat troops on the territory of Mosul , but Iraqi forces heroine, and as he emphasized Iraq ‘s desire to establish balanced relations with neighboring countries and all the countries of the world, the prime minister stressed that Iraq does not want to engage in the policy of axes.
This comes at a time in which the face of the cabinet regardless employees who joined the work in the liberated areas immediately salaries, and while the Council agreed on the draft amendment to the Civil Service Act and sent it to the House of Representatives, instructed by the Department «disarmament and militias» audited the presence of members of the Awakening in areas participating teams have transfer Awakening employees who are really into the security services or the body in the same popular crowd their customizations.

The collapse of the «Daesh»
Ebadi said in his weekly press conference on Tuesday and attended by «morning»: «Since the early hours of the start of operations (coming, Nineveh) in the front third for the Liberation of the right side of Mosul, our armed forces have made great progress in the battle of liberation and performed their duties diligently high and hit the ground running clear more quickly than timings time set for it, and I’ve loss «Aldoaash» and fled before the advance of our heroine, and {Daesh »terrorist collapses dramatically and provide our troops the biggest proof of this», However , the commander in chief of the armed forces , saying: «We do not underestimate the enemy «Aldaasha» and criminality, he is sly and cowardly enemy and has a terrorist methods taken from the civilians as human shields does not refrain from committing any crime, but that our troops have gained a lot of experience through the liberalization of the left side in dealing with the enemy, and we have informed intelligence and information from our people in the right side, enabled our forces hit targets «Daesh» with high accuracy and more impressive. »

Iraqi miracle
added Abadi, said that «victories of our armed forces on the « Daesh »and edit our territory rapidly and cleanliness of the battle to preserve the civilians, impressed all the leaders of the world and we have seen it in the Munich conference, where these leaders described the victories of our troops and achieved a miracle, and the right of Iraqis should be proud and Afajroa their forces heroine », the new prime minister as denying the presence of any foreign troops fighting on the ground, and said:« combat troops only on the ground is a purely Iraqi forces sacrifice herself to save people in the absence of any foreign forces », he added,« Yes, there are more foreign advisors provide support in the areas of training and logistical support and this is declared at the request of the Iraqi government. »
On the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, the Prime Minister assured the meeting «more than 20 political figure to leaders of countries around the world participating in the annual conference and during the 24 hours it took a visit to Germany», adding that «all states have expressed their support for Iraq and standing by his side in the battle against terrorism and the stage post – liberation and restore stability to the liberated areas », explained al – Abadi said« the international community understands and is aware of the role of Iraq and the great sacrifices to save the regional and global security as well as the security of Iraq. »

The policy of axes ,
in Outer regard, Abadi stressed that «Iraq is confident in his abilities and he stands at the same distance from all countries and that any conflicts between regional hubs Iraq will not be a part of it. Iraq does not want to engage in the policy of axes», adding that «Iraq policy with the establishment of relations interest with all countries are built on the basis of respect for the sovereignty of all countries in the region and mutual interests », the prime minister warned of« attempts «Doaash» policy to foment sectarian and ethnic strife and hatred between the sons of the same country for partisan gain it led Iraq into what came to him from the repercussions of the entry «Daesh» on the doorstep of the capital , Baghdad »and confirmed that we are « we want to win the peace, and war is not a goal for us but rather a means to achieve peace in Iraq, and our behavior must be true. »

Press questions
answered Prime Minister for reporters ‘ questions during the conference, in replying for opportunities improved oil prices and the extent of the contribution by filling the budget deficit and reduce borrowing, Abadi stressed that «oil prices rose from the previous actually, but prices remained below the required level, and I’ve we reduced our role in government spending by a large margin to cover the deficit, but some aspects can not be reduced to important military and security such as those and the salaries of social welfare and salaries of citizens and the allocation of the peasants, and must inform the barrel price of $ 60 in order to bridge the shortfall in full, and we believe that we are currently still need the international cross – over concessional loans and unsecured bonds, but without dumping the country’s large debt, according to international experts, the oil prices will not rise to the required level until the year 2019, we sought and seek to find other resources are added to the oil resource ».
And on the reports about the abduction of 17 trucker near Rahhaliyah area in Anbar government action about it , the Prime Minister stressed that «kidnapping a crime no less than terrorism, and we have a deterrent action against kidnap gangs, and frankly that terrorism wants to drag us into a sectarian war , after it has been crushed the defeat by the champions of our armed forces, but unfortunately some of the (Doaash politicians) serving «Daesh» terrorist ignorantly or knowledge of them , while promoting and ascend with every security incident is located in Iraq. »
In agricultural land once dominated by some of the parties and sold to citizens file, the Prime Minister stressed that « the government is keen to provide adequate housing for citizens and provide services to them, but that some of the bands that have the political cover exploited the preoccupation of our security forces to the fight against« Daesh »and the seizure of a crooked ways and illegal on some land in Baghdad and the south , which they sold to citizens illegally, we warn that we will not allow that to continue with gangs and Sentardhm and punish them according to the law. »
In a couple of questions about visiting the high Russian delegation to Baghdad , and what was discussed in it, as well as the visit of the US Secretary of Defense, Abadi said: «We have received a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow has evaluated the new Iraqi situation and the victories of our troops on terror, gave the Russian delegation vision on joint projects with Iraq is consistent with the message we were we sent them out to Putin, including areas that are looking forward to cooperation in the military and oil reinforcement, and we have the Russians future projects giant , especially in the gas and studies the field for an enormous reservoir from western Iraq »and added,« we want to transfer the case of war and disputes with neighboring countries to cooperate and look to Iraq ‘s interests foremost. »
And the visit of the US Secretary of Defense, and Washington ‘s vision for the participation of the popular crowd in the battle to liberate Mosul, al – Abadi said: «We have confirmed to the US official, as well as world leaders in the Munich conference, the popular crowd official Iraqi institution began her law, and all of the fighters fought and sacrificed against our common enemy« Daesh »terrorist, and the discussions with Matisse constructive and emphasized the role of Iraq and its importance and the need to support economically and financially because it is the spearhead in the war against terrorism in the world, and I’ve found fully aware of the importance of supporting Iraq with all the officials who we communicate with them in the new US administration».

Cabinet meeting
and the Cabinet held its regular Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al – Abadi, said the statement Information Office of the Prime Minister «morning» received a copy of it, that « the Council Park starting to edit the right side operations and victories achieved in the early hours of the launch was a presentation on Sir operations were also discussed a report on the humanitarian side and sheltering the displaced and the provision of food, was also a presentation on the results of the Munich conference of international openness on Iraq and what has been achieved in the areas of intelligence, economy, trade, investment and other security ».
The cabinet voted to exempt the Ministry of Municipalities and the Municipality of Baghdad by the Council of Ministers ‘ decision on the protection of the national product in terms of chlorine up to June 30, 2017, as the Board directed the establishment of the Department of «disarmament and militias» audited the presence of members of the Awakening in the participating teams have areas and the transfer of employees of the Awakening Who really to the security services or the body People crowd the same customizations and complete solution to the Chamber no later than October 31 2017.
He said the government statement, «in regards to the payment of dry gas maturities of the supplier was approved recommendation of the Committee on economic Affairs to postpone claim the public treasury share of profits accruing to the company lines oil pipelines and be repaid the amount received by the petrochemical industries company, as has been the approval of the draft amendment to the civil Service Act proposed by the Council of Ministers and verified by the State Shura and send it to the House of Representatives ».
As has been the «discuss the sale and lease of real estate and land the state and the public sector system project for the purposes of investment and leasing them was guidance to reconsider the project and hold a workshop with a number of actual investors to develop a successful and encouraging mechanisms of action on investment, was also approved to authorize the Minister of Finance to sign the loan Swede’s 500 million euros to finance the Ministry of Electricity projects. »
And on the liberated areas, «were presented their findings support international stability group agreed on 54 projects for the rehabilitation of water and electricity, health, education and services in the liberated areas , projects, and mentoring regardless employees who joined the work in the liberated areas immediately unless indicate towards them security issues and speed to secure the return of salaries IDPs from the camps to the left side ».
In regard to lifting the ban on Iraqi stadiums «lost Cabinet eighth president and members of the International Federation of Football initiative (FIFA) to send a commission examining the stadiums in the three governorates (Basra, Karbala, Arbil) and the Board wishes a final decision to lift the ban on Iraqi stadiums as soon as Council of Ministers and to thank and appreciation for the ministries of sports institutions , local governments and all those who contributed to the success of the visit of the Committee of FIFA to Iraq, and affirms the Council on continuing to provide support and backing of the Ministry of youth and Sports and the Olympic Committee and the Iraqi Committee Paralympics and the Football Association for the development of sports in order to ensure the application of international standards and receiving teams and sports teams and the public from all over the world. » He called on the Council of Ministers, «ministries and local governments to implement all international standards and to provide the appropriate conditions inside and outside the sports ground in Iraq to receive the teams and sports teams and fans and calls for the private sector ‘s biggest and active participation to invest in sports and tourism – related project to lift the ban and set up tournaments International, Asian and Arab sports festivals for the role ».