6-6-2012 Mike Letters of Credit a Great Tool for Shabibi to use…For Emerging Countries it is a Wonderful Tool & Great Vehicle to use to Stabilize your currency and to keep large amounts of currencies from not running out – actually using your banks and getting them healthy. That has been the one thing CBI has done that has drawn praise from everybody – I think it was the ace in the hand for Shabibi to really stabilize his economy and move it one step closer to getting the banks activated.

6-6-2012 BGG Talibani taking the time to “examine” the signatures is just him being as “even handed” as possible. Maliki called for an inquiry but everyone knows it was just a stall tactic. Talibani will be diligent and move ahead when he is sure of success. Big meeting late last nite to put “final touches” on the proceedings. I would guess we’ll hearmore about their direction today and tomorrow. 

6-6-2012 SWFloridaGuy During the last couple weeks we’ve witnessed a lot of stall tactics (threats, letters, signatures, meetings, demands ultimatums etc). The latest is Talabani forming a committee to deal with the authenticity of the signatures. This is not an obligatory measure and that tells me there are still some kinks to be worked out. This is Talabani’s decision, whether they have the signatures or not is meaningless, other than to forecast how a potential vote may go. Currently we are unsure if a petition has yet to reach Speaker Nujayfi. There are too many conflicting reports from innominate authors for us to be sure of anything at this point, other than it certainly cannot remain unresolved much longer. Maliki’s opposition will not condone further procrastination. There are a large number of Kurds, Iraqiyya and Sadrists who don’t appear willing to budge on their demands. We know Talabani has had the power all along to do this, which tells us either he is still exploring his options, they still haven’t decided on a suitablereplacement for Maliki, politicians are using this leverage to their benefit (bribes, power plays etc), or they are just withholding sensitive information from the media until there is a formal announcement, which is exactly how it should be