Finance: The government is unable to pursue corruption and warn of a complete bankruptcy

Parliamentary Finance: The government is unable to pursue corruption and warn of a complete bankruptcy

06.02.2017 14:32

Finance - The government is unable to pursue corruption and warn of a complete bankruptcy[Oan- Boukhas]
parliamentary finance committee , said that the government and regulatory authorities , “unable” to prosecute corruption state institutions.
The committee member said Ahmed Sarhan, told all of Iraq [where], that ” the government is unable to pursue all the corrupt and the corrupt and not only at border crossing points and customs , but also in the rest of the joints and other government departments in the center and the provinces.”
He added , “There is corruption at border crossings and smuggling and exemptions Kmarkip charging randomly on imported goods and the resolutions issued by the ports without reference to the directorates and all these processes of corruption and waste of public money and have a negative impact on the Iraqi economy , ” adding that ” the border crossings is one of the tributaries of the economy, non – oil revenues of the country. ”
Ahmed stressed “the government must deal firmly with these ports officials and monitored continuously and censoring them to control those who are squandering public money and seizing the state the expense of the Iraqi people.”
He also called for ” the Iraqi government especially the Directorate of border crossings that tough measures are taken to curb this phenomenon of corruption, but we are embarking on a complete bankruptcy of the Iraqi state.”
The reports of the occurrence of a large corruption is rampant at border crossing points, and that the state is taking advantage of the money they go into the pockets of the corrupt.
Within the financial budget for the current year, the government has confirmed that it will get the 11.9 trillion dinars [$ 9 billion] in non – oil revenue from the application of tariffs and fees, etc., but the head of the parliamentary finance committee Mohammed Halbusi revealed last October 9 for the government ‘s failure to get these funds and that the final outcome amounted to 2.4 trillion dinars.
Economic advisor to Prime Minister Abdel Hussein Al – Anbuge attributed the problems impeding the implementation of the tariff law to double the tax on imported goods and the corruption of some of the staff ratio when applied, he said , “The government has taken measures to curb corruption, but there are points resist and practiced extortion.”
Iraq has been imported since 2003 to 2015 , goods worth $ 475 billion, according to the statistics of the Central Bank of Iraq.
Economists felt that the border crossings are subject to a system of quotas, and as belonging to political parties to finance their activities and their propaganda campaign, and that the State is able to apply tariffs to lose control. ”