Ministries of the Iraqi state, “corrupt” and refrain from providing us with their contracts concluded!

An international company: Ministries of the Iraqi state, “corrupt” and refrain from providing us with their contracts concluded! (Details)

30-01-2017 07:17 PM

Ministries of the Iraqi state - corrupt and refrain from providing us with their contracts concluded!East News –

Committee of government financial experts revealed the problem by the Council of Ministers, on Monday, in a report of the International Company Audit “Ernst & Young”, from the operations of the corruption and manipulation of public money to a number of ministries and government departments during the year 2015, including the Ministry of Displacement and Migration.

A statement by the committee, said that “the international auditing firm Ernst & Young, based on the contract with the Government of Iraq (Ministry of Finance), audited the Alternative Account Development Fund for Iraq for the period from 01.01.2015 up to 31.12.2015,” indicating that ” All central government ministries You check in addition to the Kurdistan region Bozarath and 5 provinces. ”

The statement, that “the Commission found that the results of the audit conducted by Ernst & Young showed continued repetition common observations in a number of ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry, despite continuing to overcome the assertions, especially since some of them, a very important and influential on the health of the financial disposition and efficiency of the audit whether internal or external. ”

The statement added, ” The company revealed in its report, it is still of opinion conservative financial data exists, because of the lack of verification of the amount of oil production in the Kurdistan region for the years 2013 – 2015, and the inability of the Government of Iraq to adopt a precise estimate of the value of the frozen assets abroad, which can be transferred to the development Fund for Iraq (the Committee of experts at the time suggested to the Ministry of Finance follow – up that file by Aidip). ” the Committee stresses in the statement, that it” could not be on the international auditing firm auditing some stakeholders activities, which are important relative high in the nature of the activity these entities, due to provide the required documentation, including the amount of more than 6 billion dinars details, devoted to the relief of displaced persons in the Ministry of Displacement and migration, as well as ministries and government departments and other provinces refusal to provide a detailed position their contracts concluded during 2015 “.

And founded the Committee of Financial Experts on the basis of the Cabinet decision and began its work in early April 2007, to be the alternative to the International Council Advisory and Monitoring, which currently oversees the spending of Iraqi public funds derived from the production and export of oil and oil products, which are deposited in an account in the bank supervision system Federal reserve in New York, based on UN Security Council resolutions, which was issued after the overthrow of the former regime as the development Fund for Iraq, has this account granting international immunity, so as not to be liable to seizure and forfeiture as a result of an international court decisions, it may be issued for the lawsuits and claims against the former regime .