Barzani: We support the US military stay in Kurdistan

Barzani: We support the US military stay in Kurdistan


Barzani - We support the US military stay in KurdistanRoudao- Washington Post

called on the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to the survival of the US military in Kurdistan, adding that the independence of Kurdistan ” is not a rumor or a dream, but the reality will be achieved.”

Barzani said in an interview with US media, said that about six million Kurd living in Kurdistan, in the day that will announce independence, will not care about any political office at the time, because the Kurdish people have achieved goals only, namely independence.

On the new American presidency, Kurdistan Region President predicted that the United States continues to support the Kurdistan region of political and military terms, expressing his support for the survival of the US military in the province of Kurdistan because “this move will support the expansion of Irbil in preventing terrorism.”

On the war against Daesh, Barzani said: “This war is not only military, but also has a social and cultural dimensions , ” stressing support for the Kurdistan Region the new US administration to eliminate the regulation.

He said the President of the Kurdistan region to that in 2010 and 2011 told US military commanders that the US military withdrawal from Iraq will give the opportunity for the growth of terrorism, pointing out that “If what is left of a number of American soldiers in Iraq, the Daesh not in control of Ramadi and Mosul.”

Barzani expressed the hope that the United States does not back the wrong done in 2011 to withdraw its troops after the battle of Mosul.

Barzani also spoke about the close between Erbil and Ankara relations and stressed that he is not permitted to Baghdad to draw criticism in this area, because the Iraqi government has cut the budget of the Kurdistan Region contrary to the constitution and laws when no Arbil not been issued after its oil abroad.

Barzani also highlighted the Iranian role, and stressed that Iran ‘s relations with the Kurdistan Regional Government and political parties also play a greater role in Iraq.

President of the Kurdistan region and described the attack by the US military in 2003 to topple Saddam Hussein b system ” the best decision , ” adding that the United States and coalition countries committed Throwaway that two mistakes. The first was a lack of commitment to the outcome of the London Conference, and the second shift the US military from the editor to the force strength occupied.

And on the Syrian crisis, Barzani said that Syria ” was not aware of the friend and the enemy, and then the international alliance in Syria is not united., As well as the opposition,” it is not ruled out the existence of a deal between Washington and Moscow in this regard.

He added that Russia was learning what to do in Syria, because they have goals and interests in this country, and the protection of the Syrian mission areas for them successfully.