US intelligence advised Israel not to deal with Washington after the receipt of Trump presidency

US intelligence advised Israel not to deal with Washington after the receipt of Trump presidency

Saturday January 14, 2017 10:47

US intelligence advised Israel not to deal with Washington after the receipt of Trump presidencyAlsumaria News / Baghdad
warned the US intelligence services, Israel to share secrets with the White House, in the event of receipt of US President – elect Donald Trump , his duties in (January 20 of this), while the Israeli security apparatus deeply expressed concern over the leak intelligence information 15 – year – old for Russia and Iran .

A report published by the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” Israeli, ” The discussions took place recently, in a closed session of the Israeli security, highlighted the fears of leaking intelligence information too sensitive – based sources have been presented to the US intelligence agencies over the past 15 years, to Russia and Iran.”

The newspaper said ” the cause of fears is suspected of ties between the undeclared US President – elect or his aides with the Kremlin (Russian presidency), which is also linked to its clients with officials in the intelligence community in the Iranian capital Tehran.”

She continued , “these concerns, which began with Trump ‘s victory in the presidential election, has grown even more after a recent meeting between officials from the Israeli and American intelligence,” without specifying a date or venue of the meeting.

The newspaper quoted Israeli security officials participated in the meeting, without specifying their identity, saying that “American counterparts expressed, during the meeting, expressed the despair of Trump win after repeated Tahjmath the US intelligence community.”

And stated that “US officials said Israeli counterparts, that the United States Agency for National Security very high credibility of the information, that the Russian intelligence services responsible for penetrating servers (servers) US Democratic Party during the recent US presidential election, and leaking sensitive information to WikiLeaks, which has damaged Balmarchh presidential party , Hillary Clinton. ”

She noted, that US officials reported that the Russian President Vladimir Putin , ” the influence of the pressure of ” the Trump, but without disclose more information afterthought by saying they “might refer to what was published last Wednesday, for embarrassing information gathered by Russian intelligence in an effort Trump to blackmail. ”

The newspaper pointed out that “American officials gave tacit references to their Israeli counterparts, that they caution from the date of January 20 th, ( the inauguration of Trump date), when the transfer of intelligence to the White House and the US National Security hunters who fall under the responsibility of the US president.”

It concluded by saying, “Those responsible for the United States recommended that until it becomes clear that Trump is not the inappropriate link Russia is not being blackmailed, Israel must refrain from disclosure of sensitive information sources , US officials fear leaked to the Russians.”