Infallible: We are close to full liberalization of Mosul

Infallible: We are close to full liberalization of Mosul


Infallible - We are close to full liberalization of MosulRoudao – Arbil

confirmed the President of the Republic of Iraq, Fuad Masum, on Saturday, January 14, 2017 that the Iraqi forces have become close to the restoration of the city of Mosul in full control of the “Islamic state” Daesh.

Masum said in a speech delivered during the Baghdad dialogue conference hosted by the Iraqi Institute in collaboration with the House of Representatives and the University of Baghdad that ” the victories of the unity of our position and our vision of the industry which is the guarantor of the foundation for defeating terrorism completely , ” he said , adding: “we were able to restore most of the cities and now we are close to the liberation of Mosul fully “.

He continued that ” the world before the storm variables as she walked toward the growing stance against terrorism , ” adding that “no retreat from democracy is not only a weapon , however , the state government expressed its institutions and the rule for all but the Constitution and the laws.”

Since the start of liberalization city of Mosul operations in October / October 17 last attack Iraqi forces regained more than 80% of districts in the eastern part of the city, amid expectations of prolonging the battle after the Iraqi government has previously predicted that it Ststaidha before the end of last year solutions.