Abadi: Iraq has become a success story for the world

Abadi: Iraq has become a success story for the world

4/1/2017 1:14

Abadi - Iraq has become a success story for the worldBAGHDAD / morning / Alaa al – Taie
reassured Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces , Haider al – Abadi, the citizens that he was making plans to cope with terrorist attacks, declaring seeking to strengthen relations with Turkey, while pointing out that frequent visits by world leaders to Baghdad comes to the confidence of the international community that Iraq « has become a success story», he hoped the cooperation of members of the House of Representatives in the selection process and the interior and defense ministers.
Ebadi said, during the conference weekly journalist and attended by «morning»: the victories achieved by the security forces coming in to liberate the remainder of the neighborhoods in the city of Mosul in a record periods, indicating that the enemy has military capabilities on the ground and the explosions that hit Baghdad districts of the capital and some provinces are evidence the collapse of the enemy and the loss of his abilities on the motion on the ground significantly after recent heavy losses incurred.

Terrorism aimed at everyone
and added the Prime Minister that «We have information about the movements of terrorist groups and cells in several regions in an attempt to create a security vulnerability», pointing out that «this matter is not limited to Iraq, but facing the world ‘s cities Terrorism blind targeting everyone».
Abadi However , that Iraq alone address terrorism and achieve victories and championships will eliminate gangs «Daesh» which led to the implementation of these dirty operations, explaining that after he was talking about the years to eradicate terrorism the world is talking about two years but we feel that it could be reduced this time in relation to the progress in the liberalization of Mosul battles.
He noted the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to the recent terrorist bombings have raised concern of citizens is that we emphasize that the security plans to counter terrorism , we are ready to open war with terrorism , which is an irregular army and terrorist gangs of the utmost savagery and criminality.
He noted Abadi that face review military plans on a permanent basis and in accordance with the requirements of the battles and development as well as the mobilization of government agencies to provide basic humanitarian services to families who have returned to the liberated areas Kalkierh and Shora and Tilkaif and Nimrod was also opened 214 schools and provide them with the curriculum, calling on members of the local government in Nineveh presence areas that have been edited and held meetings in municipal councils or Alqaimqamyat.
Abadi , who called on citizens and the security forces to exercise vigilance and caution, pointed out that the cooperation of parents with security forces foiled an attack on my control of Najaf and Diwaniyah, assured the people of Baghdad that « the security situation controlled».

Warning of the «fifth column»
and criticized the Prime Minister and some of the social networking sites and media that promote lies Aldoaash spreading panic among citizens, and warned «who has a problem with Abadi», to be baptized to intimidate citizens, describing these actors that they «fifth column» works to spread terror and despair among citizens.
Abadi said that the increase in kidnappings and assassinations in the last recently «is not a coincidence» They are trying to confuse and increase pressure on the security forces, noting that there are criminal gangs are moving to implement those processes.
And on the succession of recent presidents of the world ‘s visits to Iraq, the head of the executive power that these visits show that Iraq has become the subject of interest and pride in all countries of the world for the confidence that he has become a «success story» and closer to autism, strength and accomplish victories and decisive victory and an end to terrorism and even in the field of economy , there ‘s a twist large despite the financial crisis , which confirms we are out of the confrontation victorious, saying «we are heading in the right direction and will not deviate from our course».
And on the investigation with a number of officers on the recent security breaches, Abadi said there were no accusations of a political party, but he stressed that some of the wheels that performs operations and cause security breaches or the kidnapping use multiple banners used by formations of the task, he said , adding that we have a tendency to set those wheels that you take the plates were issued clear instructions to adjust the movement of the wheels in Baghdad and the provinces all.

Candidates for the security ministries
and naming security ministries, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces said that he will submit the names of candidates for security ministries and other ministries soon to parliament , there will be a resolution of this file and pass the names to be put forward in cooperation with the legislative authority, pointing out that the security ministries of Finance and the Ministry of Bmsoalath and the resolution of its ministers file will ease the burden with him and limits the kidnappings and killings that have grown Majara.uan Iraqi government ‘s position on the presence of the Turkish PKK in Chenkal and the statements of the Turkish President to take a stand against this threat if the Iraqi government did not take any action, Abadi said: «the Bakkh Turkish Organization and Iraq not responsible, which is located in Turkey and some parts of the region , »he said , adding that according to the Iraqi constitution does not allow for any organization or non – Iraqi insurgency co – exist on our land and use it to launch attacks on neighboring countries, there is a consensus with the Turkish side in this regard.
He said al – Abadi said fears are legitimate states also have fears of «Daesh», states have concerns about assigning armed groups, stressing that gangs «Daesh» expanded international support and support Dolah.ouhol region ‘s share stressed the Prime Minister that the federal government is trying to simplify the dispute this regard, pointing out that the oil revenues , which exported via the pipeline of Ceyhan in Turkey is still the region and that the latter issue according to our information more than its share amounting to 17 percent with the exception of export operations is Alnzamah.ojadded Abadi his invitation to the leaders of the province ‘s commitment to transparency and clarity, and stated that the right of citizens of the province claim their salaries and they do not look at the shortened as much as they need to salaries, noting that it could not finance the region ‘s share of other provinces without having to hand over the proceeds received from the export of oil because we are so we passed on others share.

Relations with Turkey
and the prime minister revealed that the aim of the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim ‘s upcoming visit to Baghdad that they come to reach an outcome on the outstanding issues between the two countries and strengthen relations with the Ankara government to serve the interests of both countries and to respect each other ‘s sovereignty.
In response to a question »Sabah», on the latest developments in the investigation into the journalist kidnapping Afrah Shawqi , which went on the hijacked eight days, al – Abadi said he was following up the matter thoroughly and oversees the developments on a daily basis, and stated that this requires some patience, «the fact that the criminal political kidnapping », pointing out that it would take care not to turn the kidnappers to mislead the security services.
Abadi added that the security services carried out in the past few days surveying comprehensive for some regions based on accurate intelligence, reassuring people that the press hijacked the intelligence effort and Executive and follow – up are on a daily basis »and we hope to be launched
freed soon.»

Cabinet decisions
, the cabinet voted, the first in its session in 2017 , headed by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, a project of the Ministry of Electricity Law, while reshuffled the draft Iraqi National Intelligence Service Act, discussed the plans and strategies for the Municipality of Baghdad to show the capital as the best.
A statement of the prime minister, received «morning», he was voted, during a meeting, on Tuesday, «to make amendments to the draft intelligence law and send it to the House of Representatives, adding that« For the sake of the current government’s great attention to the electricity sector and made available on an ongoing basis to the citizens in accordance with the vision and strategy developed has been voting on the draft of the Ministry of Electricity Law. »
The statement continued that «the implementation of the agreement signed with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan free trade has to approve the formation of a committee between the ministries of industry and the Iraqi Metal Industry and Trade of Jordan to determine the products that cause exempted from customs duties and taxes damaging to industry and agriculture LAN ‘s Aerakitin and be Trebil exclusively be for goods manufactured in Jordan and a commitment to farm the calendar. »
The statement pointed to «discuss communications and IT draft laws to regulate the work and send the projects to the House of Representatives».
They also discussed the Council of Ministers, according to the statement, «plans and strategies for the Municipality of Baghdad to show the capital as the best as well as the gates of Baghdad and has hosted Amina Baghdad on this topic and other subjects, was also issued a number of directives pertaining to the work of ministries and sectors».