Telegraph: Obama put a mountain of obstacles to Trump, but the biggest losers

Telegraph: Obama put a mountain of obstacles to Trump, but the biggest losers

Monday, January 2, 2017 09:48

Telegraph - Obama put a mountain of obstacles to Trump but the biggest losersAlsumaria News / Baghdad
The Daily Telegraph newspaper published in its issue on Monday, subject to Tim Stanley , titled “although he puts a mountain of obstacles in front of Trump , however , Obama is the biggest loser.”

Stanley says that Obama appeared in recent weeks to him in the White House very patient in dealing with the transition team , which prepares to take on Donald Trump ‘s responsibility even though he showed his face tsarist during the last period because of poor relations between him and the Congress, prompting him to lean on the issuance of presidential decisions direct executive.

Explains Stanley, that this makes Obama’s legacy at stake as his successor, a Trump can easily be the abolition of all these decisions, but Obama devoted his time recently to piles of presidential decisions on the Office of the President of the United States to become the first months of the Trump focused on take actions and decisions adverse to fix things from his point of view.

Stanley is trying to hit several examples of these decisions in different aspects, but he believes that the most important of which is Obama’s decision to deport large numbers of detainees at Guantanamo, where the deportation of nearly 234 of them in one day.

It also refers to Obama ‘s decision to expel diplomats Ross from their country ‘s embassy in Washington against the backdrop of accusations of Russia broke the electronic systems of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton.

He says Stanley This ironically where Obama himself who laughed derisively of Republicans in 2012 when he warned of turning Russia into a major strategic challenge to the United States and has since continued Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry Russia the Crimea annexation of Ukraine and controlled Syria .

Stanley adds, saying, “We now know that Obama, Putin warned twice because of the accusations made against Russia, but Putin has ignored both times, which is humiliating.”

Stanley and up to that described Trump as president of dedicated division in American society assumed that America was a non-breaking of the foundation, which is not realistic, but it is considered that Obama is a division increased over his remarks about Trump.

He concludes Stanley, saying that Trump at least explicitly referring to Tdwinth on Twitter for social networking on the occasion of the new year in which he said, “Happy New Year to all of you and to all my enemies who Harbone and lost and they, unfortunately, do not know what they are doing”, and is considered Stanley intended this entry is Obama personally.